16 Excellent Web Design Guidelines to Enhance your Bounce Rate

Are you an individual with an interest in web design? If so, then checking the bounce rates can go a long way in enhancing your efficiency. Most people would be bereft of where to check for such information, but starting from the  custom dissertation services for one can yield useful information on related content. 

So what is a bounce rate? It implies the “bounce off” rate with which visitors visit a website before converting. It is especially crucial when you get consistent traffic on your website and you become keen to transform them into customers. Most would ask how this is crucial, but having a large customer base increases your chances of successful business marketing.

Improving Your Web Design for Better Bounce Rates

  • Increase your website’s load time by decluttering the site

Decluttering your website can massively enhance your load time rate. The best load time for your website should last about three minutes to ensure you don’t lose out on potential valuable customers. Therefore, eradicate unnecessary plugins, truncate your image files, and minify your site’s code.

  • Optimization of the website to increase conversions

Simplifying your website’s pages from the homepage to the last page can reduce confusion among your visitors, and therefore, encouraging them to stay longer on the page. As such, the bounce rate also increases.

  • Employ the use of a graphic hierarchy

You need to have an effective way of making the crucial website’s features the most prominent in terms of visibility. Such a visual hierarchy along with other tips such as optimization and decluttering of the websites can go a long way in increasing how long visitors stay on your website. 

  • Incorporate buttons for social share

Most individuals have blogs that lack buttons for social share in platforms such as Facebook, etc. Having a website’s social share tab can massively increase your website’s traffic and minimize bounce rates. 

  • Make effective use of colors in your website

It is crucial to ensure that your text becomes readable as individuals can only read what they see clearly. Use the best text color contrast to ensure visibility and ensure the color blend used makes sense.

  • Sans serif

Ensure the use of sans serif fonts such as Arial or Helvetica, which lack small flourishes when you check the letter’s ends. Such fonts make it easier for individuals to read the site’s text.

  • FAQ

It is important to have a dedicated website page for responding to some of the frequently asked queries. Such a page can prove useful to your visitors and hence increase your website’s worth. 

  • Make use of the white space

The white space implies the negative space or web page areas between images and text. In as much as it doesn’t always look crucial, the white space can have a tremendous impact on the overall outcome of the site’s design. 

  • Unique catchy images

You should have enough images of the right quality to attract visitors and longtime customers. Avoid blurry and low-resolution pictures on your website.

  • The site’s contact page

Incorporate your contact page and situate it ideally as it forms a significant page for your website visitors.

  • Ensure that your layout is responsive

The modern world heavily relies on mobile devices to access websites and this should only increase as time passes. As such, your website layout should prove responsive to ensure you don’t miss out on the vast increasing traffic. 

    • Include a blog to accompany the website.
    • Make the navigation process when it comes to your website simple to increase its appeal to your site’s visitors.
    • Make use of infographics to avoid using large text blocks that can repel visitors.
    • You also need to incorporate reviews and testimonials on your site to build trust among the site’s visitors.
  • Test the website to ensure its tailor-made and suitable for your specific industry before adopting it completely.


The recommendations discussed above can enhance the appeal of your website and the bounce rates. Adopt these and watch your business succeed aided by your website. 

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