3 Professions That Will Be Relevant In Every Age

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Different innovations are coming to life, replacing humans with robots that take over the day-to-day functions. However, not all professions are at the risk of being replaced some will take time to be replaced. Automation does not automatically reflect as job losses because some robots are meant to work efficiently. It is only advisable that one should invest in themselves for a long-term impact. Things and procedures have kept on evolving since your college days and the job market might change while you are still there, continually invest in your career growth. Career investment is more than a solve my homework scenario because it includes skills that you need to learn and for how long versus connections you need to work as well as start new projects.

Robots are not the only thing affecting change in professions other changers include an increase in middle-class population across the globe, an aging population, climate change, and women empowerment in an effort to join leading male-dominated professions. With automation, the industries expect to face some period of losses before everything settles down then gains will be realized.

This future change calls for diversification in career choices. Meaning one can work for several companies rather than sticking to one company.

Professional occupations that will be safe from automation include

  1. Professions that really use genuine creatively.

Some professionals use creativity to thrive. We cannot guarantee that robots will not offer creativity later, but professionals like scientists, artists, and business gurus need creativity at every step of their professions. This means they do not stick to the same thing throughout, for example, a businessman needs to come up with new business strategies every time for the business to remain relevant longer.  They constantly reinvent their businesses to maximize automation systems whenever need be. You can simply look at a baker who decorates cakes because creativity is put to work with every cake they sell.

  1. Professions that build complex relationships with people.

These professionals are people with strong interpersonal skills in the job market. This is because they involve interactions between staff and fellow staff and staff with clients. These professionals include nurses, doctors, teachers, waiters, receptionists, PR professionals, security officers and others that require you to build relations with clients.

  1. Highly unpredictable professions

These professions are unpredictable and it is the nature of their job. For example, a plumber who is required to respond to emergencies is needed to physically move around whenever needed. Also, the kind of problem found in one location is different from the other. Automated robots cannot clearly determine the problem while some thought and knowledge are needed in solving different problems. Not everything is in a manual. These professionals include installers, social workers, repairs, mechanics, and occupational therapists.

Other services like the thesis service will not be easily replaced by robots, though one can hardly predict the future. This means one needs to plan their career in the long term. While most professions will use robots most robots will need humans to operate. So a robot should not render you unemployed but rather redeployment.

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