5 Benefits of Solo Travel

There are different types of travelers. From the person who loves to road trip with friends to the one who loves to get lost in their mind with their music as they travel the open road, travelers come in every shape or form. There are those who love flying to new cities and there are those who like to jump in their car and simply head out to a new city.  

What type of traveler are you? Have you ever considered solo travel? There are benefits to traveling with other people, but there are a plethora of benefits to traveling alone. Here are some top reasons you should consider solo travel in 2021: 

Go where you want

When traveling with others, you typically have to decide on a specific destination together and things you want to do in that place. What if you just want to show up at the airport and find great flight deals from LAX while you’re there?

Perhaps you have always wanted to see a city, but your friends don’t want to go to that place? When you travel alone, you can pick a destination and go wherever you please, while being able to find the best deals while traveling on a budget

You can meet some cool people

When traveling with friends, it’s easy to stay in your little bubble. Whereas when traveling alone, oftentimes you’re put in a position to talk to others while on your trip. When solo traveling, you may be more approachable and easier for others to talk to. 

Whether you only make connections for a fun trip experience or you make lifelong friends, there’s a lot to be said for meeting strangers while traveling. Consider using an app or website for meeting new people to hang out with in your new destination.  

You may have some great epiphanies

As someone who has traveled alone extensively, I won’t lie. Solo travel can get lonely. However, this time spent in solitude, enjoying new experiences and handling the ins and outs of travel alone can be highly enriching and great for your self-confidence. 

You’ll never forget a trip you took alone and while trips with others may blend into distant memories, the epiphanies you’ll have on your solo travels will be remembered for years to come. Consider keeping an online journal of your travels—who knows what you can use it for later on?

You can spend your money on whatever you want

When traveling with other people, you may find yourself visiting restaurants you’re not crazy about or investing in a tour you’d rather not go on. You want to join in with them because they’re your friends, but a part of you wishes you didn’t spend money on certain activities. When traveling solo, you can spend your money wherever you want. You get to choose the restaurants you want to eat at without worrying about others’ likes or dislikes and can skip out on tours you think are cheesy. 

Stay wherever you want

When traveling with others, you have to find lodging that can be suitable for everyone. You may have to compromise in lodging, simply to have their company. While this may be worth it with certain people, if you’re looking to enjoy every aspect of your trip, down to the hotel or vacation rental you stay at, travel alone. 

Pro tip: make sure to have everything from your lodging to shuttles, train tickets, and flights prepared in advance. Consider using a website to keep your travel plans organized in one place.  

In Conclusion

Solo travel does something for you. It can be scary, and planning can be overwhelming if it’s your first time going on a trip by yourself, but when you get back from your first solo trip, you’ll find that all of the benefits are more than worth it. 

From new experiences, like traveling around the world on a budget to making new lifelong friends, there are countless reasons to go on a solo trip at least once in your life. Who knows? It may become your new way to travel. 

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