5 Smart Reasons Why You Should Get A Business Loan


Expanding your business? If this is your plan, you need funds to make it happen. Your family and friends who know something about business management and finance will surely have something to say about what can possibly happen if you start taking a loan. Some would tell you that this is not a good way to expand your business, but this also does not mean that there are no good reasons to do so.

If you think your business is ready to take that extra leap forward but your working capital comes in the way, then here are 5 good reasons why you should reconsider applying for a business loan at Qupital SME Finance:


Build A Good Credit History

If you are planning for a larger-scale business loan in the future, then you have to start building a good business credit history. Smaller businesses usually have a hard time applying for larger loans especially if the owner does not have a strong credit history. Take smaller amounts and pay on time. This is a good tactic for building a relationship with your lender.

Ready To Expand Physical Location

If your number of employees is growing and you do not have extra space or rooms to fit everyone in, or maybe your restaurant or retail store has more and more people coming in every day and you can barely fit the tables and chairs inside, this means that your business is growing. And that’s good news, right? You are finally ready to expand! But first, make sure that you take into consideration whether your business can afford to cover your loan and still make some profit. How would this change impact your business?

Additional Equipment For Your Business

When your business is expanding, you need more equipment to improve the workflow. But modern machinery, IT equipment, and other business tools can be costly. This is when you need a loan for this additional equipment. Still, ensure that you prioritize the things that you need from those that you want.

New And Bigger Inventory

Similar to the additional equipment, inventory is another huge expense for your business. You have to keep up with your business demands. You can achieve this by replenishing your inventory with options. However, this can be challenging especially if you own a seasonal business. Create first a sales projection and base it on the numbers that you achieved in the past years. This way, you can compare and determine whether this is a wise financial move or not.

More Business Opportunities

When an opportunity comes knocking at your door, do not let it go, especially if it outweighs your potential debt. Maybe this is your chance to expand your area for a good deal or order equipment or inventory in bulk and at a huge discount? For these instances, determine the possible ROI that you can achieve from the opportunity that you want to grab.

No matter what your reason is when contemplating to get a business loan, remember that if all the costs are considered, the loan should improve your business. You cannot grow if you are afraid of taking risks. The bottom line is, only you can decide whether the risk is worthy or not.


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