5 ways to save for your next vacation

Everyone needs a holiday at some point but holidays require money and just living normally can be unaffordable at times. However, there are things you can do that can make a surprising difference to your vacation savings tin.


Make your own food

Getting takeout for dinner or lunch every day can make a surprising dent in your wallet when you add up how much you spend in a week. Instead of dining out every day, set up a plan of what to cook for the week and buy the ingredients yourself. This way you can tailor make your meals depending on what produce is most available. Keep track of what you spend and see if this is a viable option for you compared to eating out all the time. Making your own food helps you get creative and stay healthy too, all while saving your pennies.


Get a second job

If you have the time, an extra job on the side is a great way to bulk up your vacation fund. There are an enormous amount of jobs that can be done online in your spare time be it transcribing, teaching or tutoring. Try to find jobs that work around your current schedule so you can organize your time without leaving you exhausted.

You could find something to do on the weekends like becoming an Uber driver or delivering food. Check around locally to see if there is anything not too stressful you could do to earn that extra green.


Review your amenities

One thing worth checking out is what you are paying for your electricity, water, gas and internet. Chances are, if you haven’t updated your packages for a while or at all, there will be cheaper options available. Many companies offer surprisingly good deals on these utilities to attract new business so it is well worth comparing your current bills and investigating if there are any cheaper suppliers out there. If you are deciding to change plans, be sure to read the fine print to make sure you’re aware if there are any ‘limited time offer’ conditions.


Watch your spending and usage

This one may seem obvious but many things can be done to curb your spending habits if you pay attention. If you feel that you want to bet on the 2021 Melbourne Cup, put aside how much you are willing to bet instead of just taking the punt. Get your family to be more conscious about leaving lights, heating and cooling on in your home when it isn’t necessary. Do you really need that new sweater? Making these small adjustments in life can end up saving you quite a bit in the long run.


Exercise at home

Gym memberships can be one of the most unnecessary expenses in your world, especially if you are not doing serious workouts. Is there really a need for a personal trainer when there are so many great workout and diet plans available online? Working out at home and combining it with more outdoor activities can be a more fun option to stay fit rather than spending your time and money on a gym membership.

There are plenty of little tips out there on the internet that can help you lower your cost of living. A lot of this may sound like a lot of work and though it can be, the reward of being able to afford the trip you’ve always wanted will be much richer for it.

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