5 Ways To Spend Less Money On Digital Subscriptions

With the popularity of smartphones and the improvements in feature and storage capacity newer models come up with, it’s not surprising there’s also an increase in digital subscriptions people sign up for. This can be anything from magazines to updates, movies, TV series, and apps, among others.

While these are all convenient to browse through on your mobile devices, you may not be aware too of the possible effects this is bringing to your budget. Especially when you auto-charge these subscriptions on your card, you could be paying for many subscriptions for a fixed price monthly even if you may not be using it often.


Spend Less On Subscriptions

If this speaks volumes to you, then you’ve come to the right place. This article would give you five ways to spend less money on digital subscriptions.


  1. Look For Subscriptions You Can Cut

This tip is fitting to be on the top of the list as it could also be the hardest. Just like when you’re decluttering, you may want to start by looking for any subscription you can cut, in favor of cheaper options or free ones. For instance, here’s a guide on how to get a free itunes card. If you can have subscriptions for free, then why choose the paid ones?

Go through each of your digital subscriptions and assess which one of those you aren’t using every month. Do you need ten magazines? Are you able to go through them all? How about those five music subscription plans?

Be honest with yourself and learn to let go. Once you’ve gone through this step and your bank statement arrives the next month with a much lower deduction, then you’ll be glad you went through this difficult task of reducing subscriptions you may have hoarded on.


  1. Share Subscription Accounts

This second tip doesn’t encourage free-loading. Sharing accounts are fine, but check the subscriptions you wish to share can be done legally within the guidelines set forth by the digital app.

For instance, you may be paying for a solo Netflix account and you have a housemate who’s also doing the same thing. Instead of paying separately, you both may want to share one premium account. When you split the monthly payment between the two of you, you’re saving money significantly.


  1. Choose One Service Per Kind

If you’re subscribed to multiple services for each kind, then perhaps as you declutter through your subscription list, you may also want to keep a limit.

For instance, you don’t need to sign up for all movie streaming or TV show apps. Just select the one you prefer the most. The same applies to music, groceries, and even your beauty subscription boxes.

When you limit only one per kind, you’re drastically lowering your monthly bill. Plus, you’re also making the most out of what you’ve subscribed to as there isn’t any other service competing for your attention.


  1. Gift Un-Used Items

This section is applicable if you’ve subscribed to online beauty, grooming, or grocery deliveries. These are convenient as it takes away the need for you to go to physical stores. But when these come in regularly, can you really use them all?

For your beauty subscriptions, you can make the most out of it and save money in the bigger picture by gifting some of those products you don’t get to use. Don’t just open everything up and make your vanity a beauty department. Keep unopened items, so you can use these as gifts for your family’s birthdays and other celebrations.

When you do this, no product is wasted and your money isn’t consumed as well. For instance, you can gift a personalized pouch with all the little beauty products you have for Christmas.


  1. Take Advantage Of Your Student Status

If you’re still a student, then this section applies to you. Take advantage of your status by choosing this option in your digital subscriptions if it’s available. For example, there are companies offering a lower rate for students during the back-to-school season. They just need to present valid proof showing they’re enrolled for the semester to avail of the discount.



With these tips, you’re now ready to have more control over your finances. If you’ve previously been paying hundred dollars a month on these subscriptions, you can lower that amount. You don’t have to go through the agitation anymore when you see your bank statement and find you’re paying so much on things aren’t even using frequently. Take this one tip at a time and manage your finances better.

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