7 Tips To Secure Your Finances During A Worldwide Crisis 

By: Eric Reyes

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During unforeseen and unpredictable times such as COVID-19, the economic downturn is drastic and significantly impacts our cash flow. Navigating these uncertain times is difficult and maintaining your finances can quickly become overwhelming. The Coronavirus has seen the world halt suddenly in its tracks and it is uncertain how long it will take for the economy to recover. This can place massive financial strain on both your personal and professional life. Preparing as much as possible and making a plan is essential to not only keeping your head above water but also reducing stress during one of the most stressful times we have experienced to date. Although things are tough during times of crisis, ensuring you have a secure plan for your finances will assist you in weathering this current storm and leave you well-equipped for whatever may occur in the future.  

This article will provide you with a detailed list of how to prepare yourself during a time of stress and unpredictability. Arming yourself with as much knowledge and understanding as possible about how to maintain your financial control is vital.
Here are 7 Tips To Secure Your Finances During A Worldwide Crisis:


  • Budget


Creating a detailed budget for all comings and goings of cash flow is essential to the success of any business and personal finances. It is especially important during times of economic crisis. Outlining exactly where your money needs to go and having the ability to prepare for upcoming payment will allow you to prioritise your funds and bills effectively. 


  • Live Within Your Means


During a worldwide crisis, this is no time to live above your means. You must live frugally to ensure your finances are secure, especially when the economy is so unpredictable at the moment. COVID-19 has turned the entire world on its head which means that for a while we need to adjust to a new way of living, do not make the mistake of living as you normally would or spend money like crazy, this will be severely detrimental to your financial wellbeing and security in the long run. 


  • Identify Cost Cuts


Regardless of whether you are a business owner or trying to cut back in your personal life, it is essential to your financial security to cut back on costs that are unnecessary. Comb through your expenses and more importantly automatic payments and reduce spending where is not absolutely essential. Be honest with yourself, do you really need it, is it beneficial to you during this time? Identify areas that are not needed, even if it is for a temporary time period, cutting costs will help you retain funds that are either better spent elsewhere or kept for a back up. 


  • Make A Plan 


Although none of us were able to prepare for an unforeseen worldwide pandemic, making a plan, just like creating a budget as soon as possible will provide you with the necessary resources and organisation that is paramount during times of uncertainty.


  • Create An Emergency Fund


Creating a backup plan and accumulating funds in case of an emergency will give you the peace of mind and reduce anxiety. These times are stressful enough and leaving yourself without a plan B will just add unnecessary additional worry. We have established that these times are unpredictable, anything could happen and we do not know how long the economic downturn is going to last, which is why it is of the utmost importance to be as prepared as possible. 



  • Reduce Debt


Reducing and limiting your debt is vital during times of financial and economic uncertainty. This will provide you with some breathing space and wiggle room, when finances and cash flow become tight. Prioritising debt reduction, especially those with higher interest rates are essential during times of crisis will give you more control over your finances and allow you to accumulate more funds towards savings, essential bills and emergencies.  


  • Obtain Expert Advice


If you are feeling overwhelmed and do not know where to start when it comes to securing your finances during a worldwide crisis, obtaining expert advice will help you make that first step and give you the confidence that you are on the right track. Research the Best Financial Planner Melbourne to find a professional that suits your needs, budget and lifestyle. 

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