Affiliate Marketing in 2020: A Beginner’s Guide

Hi everyone! Would you like to generate some profit through affiliate marketing? If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place. Read the article carefully, get your concept clear, and start it.

First Things First

The first thing you need to know is that you don’t need any money to start this business. Yes, you heard it right. So many articles and videos will tell you that you need to buy a product and sell it to start your business. Frankly speaking, that’s not the affiliate marketing that you’ve heard of. It’s true that if you start with $100 or $200 to get the ball rolling, it’s better. But you can start it empty-handed and only with some knowledge and skills. Here is how.

What you practically need is perseverance and resourcefulness on your end. No one is going to make things easy for you or save you from any of your problems. There is no particular niche out there that if you figure that one out, it’s going to get smooth. This takes a lot of work. That’s the ultimate truth here. You’re going to have to be persistent and have to push through when things get tough.

And about resourcefulness, you’re going to face so many deadlock positions when you don’t find any way out. That’s when you need to search Google and YouTube for the solution. It’s out there for free. You just have to dig in and figure it out.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

There’s no academic style definition: Affiliate marketing works when you help other people with what they’re searching for.

Millions of people around the world hit Google in search of a wide variety of things they need. Let’s suppose a busy housewife needs to know about the best baby diaper. She did a search with a simple phrase, ‘best baby diaper,’ and from the list of the sites that have the keyword, she entered a blog that has details of diapers with pictures and prices. She felt compelled, and from there, she chose one. Why? She saw that it goes to Amazon, and that gave her the ‘trust’ that it’ll be there within two days. That’s where the affiliate marketing started.

It’s all about giving the needs of the audience members priority. All the research and discussions of affiliate marketers are centered on the basic issue: how best they can help people find what they need and earn their trust. If you don’t make money from affiliate marketing over months, it means you’re not reaching enough people and helping enough people. You make your mark when they find you, they click on you, and they trust you.

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Choosing Your Niche

This seems to be the most challenging part. Before getting to the point, I’d like to tell you one thing: you don’t need to be bound to your niche forever. There’s a wonderful secondhand market for built websites for cash flow positive websites.

You can evolve niches as well. If you concentrate on the needs of your audiences and can define how best to help them (by creating content, saving their time, and providing what they’re looking for), you got the point. In short, it’s empathy that works here.

How do you figure out what your niche is? The best way is to look at how premade affiliate sites are being sold. There are companies (, for example) out there who premake affiliate sites. They research a lot, build them out, and give you the basics of a website you need as an affiliate marketer. Though they’re selling the sites for $100 or $200, you don’t need to buy one; you just scroll through and see the niches that they’re creating sites in.

Now keep thinking which one of them you know a lot about or which one you think you’d like to research. Now get a logo, a basic theme, and some posts of content, and there you go.

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Building your site

That’s the only part of the entire process that you have to spend some bucks on. What you need for the first time is a self-hosted WordPress website. There are hundreds of tutorials on the net that would guide you, step-by-step, on how to start a blog: entering a domain name, hosting setup, search console setup, Google analytics setup, etc.)

Choosing your domain name

The bottom line is that you don’t need to choose any special name. ‘Google’, ‘Pepsi’, ‘Honda’, or ‘Microsoft’ didn’t mean anything before they got famous. You make your brand famous through the contents and through your efforts. Just remember the name should be easy to understand, and the spelling should be easy to remember.

Get a Theme

Don’t go for paid themes at the beginning. Start with the free ones and concentrate on more important things (like publishing content) than the paid themes. In your early days, the look doesn’t matter; traffic matters, getting picked up by the search engines matters. So think more about how it works rather than how it looks.

Free themes by are updated every year, and they are doing the ‘generally best things’ for you, which is quite enough for you to move on to traffic hunting. Also, they give you better security than those randomly made themes by random people, which could contain malware, spyware, and so on.

Search Console

It’s where you’ll see the raw data that shows signs of life. Get to the Google search console (\webmasters) account. You need to set up an account and verify your website.

Site Map

Having set up the account, you move to get a sitemap on your site connected over to your search console. What it does is, every time you write a new post, your sitemap automatically updates and notifies Google, and Google will index it for you.


What are you going to write about?

The answer is “just what the audiences are searching for”.

To do this, you’re going to need to do some keyword research. There are keyword research tools. When you’ve acquired knowledge about the keywords, you start writing based on them. As a beginner, you write posts and create videos on whatever subjects you’ve got practical knowledge and focusing on a keyword phrase.

They might have titles like ‘How to use this’ and ‘How to manage that’. You can purchase paid tools as well. An important tip is to focus on a bit longer and more specific phrases. Instead of writing on ‘Best Bedroom Ideas,’ write on ‘Best Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Girls’. Most people search for such specific things.

How do you Write?

Don’t focus on just creating posts one after another to increase the number in the list. Start one, fill it with useful stuff (which takes time and labor), take it to completion, get it live, and then go for the next one with a different keyword phrase. The formula is: Idea => keywords => written content => reviews published.

Concentrate on writing attractive titles and descriptions because they promise the audience that you’ve got the right thing for them.

Try writing review posts. That increases your dependability.

Getting setup as an Amazon Affiliate

This is vital for beginners because almost everyone around the world trusts it. If your country doesn’t have this service in vogue, you’ll have to find which medium you can recommend for getting products in your country. Your target is to reach people who trust sites like Amazon. Thus, you can get their trust. Use their embedded links.

Final Thoughts

When you start writing your first article, take time. Take as much time as one or two days if you need it. Gradually, you’ll be faster. But never compromise on the quality of the content and trust of your readers. That’s the key point.

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