Affordable Ways to Transform Your Business Processes

Unfortunately, not much in this life is free, especially when it comes to business. That’s why more often than not when it comes to building up our empire, we have to put money into our work to gain anything back. So, in this article, we are going to explore how you can do this, by looking at the most affordable ways to transform business processes.

Taking Payments

You want to ensure you make the payment process as fuss-free as possible for you, your team and most importantly, your customers. If you currently only take cash payments, then you could be cutting off a whole load of potential buyers. By investing in a credit card reader for a small cost, you’re not only offering buyers different options, but you’re making the process much more efficient. With a 3-in-1 card reader, you can take payments from anywhere via your mobile phone or tablet. This is the future of payments – it highlights your professionalism and dedication to top customer service, meaning you never have to miss a payment due to not having the right tool on hand.


Finding and hiring talent can be a timely, costly process. However you go about it, it’s going to cost money. Whether you’re putting the hours in yourself to create ads, rummaging through CVs and setting up interviews, or you’re hiring a recruitment agency to do it for you, it’s never particularly straightforward.

Some ideas for recruiting on a budget include:

  •     Social media ads
  •     Networking events and job fairs
  •     Offering apprenticeships
  •     Promoting internally
  •     Industry forums
  •     Encouraging current employees to put forward potential candidates that they know. Offer a referral bonus or company benefit to them if the person is successful.

Team Building

Having a workforce that works together harmoniously and enjoys each other’s company can really make a difference in terms of employee satisfaction and productivity. That’s why it is so important that you encourage any team bonding where possible, as this will drive employee retention and build morale throughout your business. There are so many options to do this without it having to cost the earth. Even something as simple as having a ten-minute coffee break for everyone to chat in the morning can make a big difference, and get everyone set up for the day.

Here are some more ideas:

  •     Weekly quizzes
  •     Video games
  •     Competitions (e.g. have each team member bring in something they’ve baked, get them to anonymously rate one another)
  •     Benefits (e.g. free lunch on a Friday)



  •     Outings (after-work drinks, creative exercises like painting, fun activities like bowling etc.)
  •     Shared training days
  •     Events (could be industry-related)



  •     Seasonal celebrations (secret Santa gift-giving for Christmas, Easter Egg hunt for Easter, dress-up day for Halloween etc.)
  •     Birthday cards signed by the team when it is someone’s birthday
  •     A big team outing to celebrate all that you have achieved together over the past 12 months


All of the above points are relatively simple ways to transform your business processes without you having to fork out too much money. Taking payments, effective recruitment, and a happy team all lead to better working processes.

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