Here Are the Best Early Retirement Blogs to Check Out

Are you an early retirement blog reader? If not, then perhaps you should be.

After all, who doesn’t want to retire early? Sure, you might want to work into your later years. However, it would still be nice to know that you have enough in the bank to retire early if you want to.

Finding the Best Early Retirement Blogs

Early retirement blogs offer helpful advice, practical tips, and wells of information. If you read them regularly then you will begin to gain clarity on what early retirement might look like for you.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best early retirement blogs for you. Check it out. Bookmark your favorites. Then read them regularly to get your mind focused on how to retire early.

1. 1500 Days to Freedom

The blog author started this journey in 2013. His goal was to retire in the next 1500 days. Moreover, he wanted one million dollars. He did it! This blog chronicles that journey. He shares the basics of his life and finances. He sorts through tips and ideas. Most importantly, he focuses on the thought processes necessary for early retirement.

2. Our Next Life

I love the tagline of this blog, which is “work-optional, purpose-filled, adventurous living.” That kind of sums up the vibrant thread that runs through the posts here. I also love that the blogger is a female. Therefore, she brings that particular perspective to the job. Her family’s goal was to retire in 2017, and they did. This is an award-winning early retirement blog.

3. Go Curry Cracker

If you are someone who dreams of early retirement in order to travel then this is the blog for you. The blogger and his wife document the nomadic lifestyle they share with their children. They became financially-independent as well as location-independent in their thirties. The blog has consistent advice on how to live the same way.

4. Think Save Retire

According to the “start here” page of the site, Think Save Retire is an early retirement “blog that hates conventional wisdom.” The blogger sincerely asks, “Do you want to live differently, change your life, and achieve your permanent paradise?” If so then he’s there to help. As with the other blogs, it is born of personal experience. However, it incorporates practical advice for people with a wide variety of early retirement dreams. This blog is all about how to define the life that you want and go after it.

5. Early Retirement Extreme

The subtitle of this blog explains that it comes from a mindset that embraces the following:

  • Simple living
  • Anticonsumerism combined with applied capitalism
  • DIY ethics
  • Self-reliance
  • Resilience

If those are traits that appeal to you then chances are that you will find something in this early retirement blog for you.

6. Millennial Revolution

Are you looking for a millennial voice in an early retirement blog? Moreover, are you looking to hear from a female millennial? You’ve found the spot. This blog is written by a Canadian woman who retired – as did her husband – at the age of 31. They are focused on traveling now. However, the blog covers all aspects of living to gain financial independence.

7. MsZiYou

This writer calls herself a feminist FIRE blogger. FIRE, of course, stands for “financial independence, retire early,” and she’s well on her way to do just that. I like this blog because it has a young female voice. Moreover, the blogger is still in the process of heading toward early retirement. Therefore, the story isn’t finished, and that keeps it interesting for me. We really get to see what works for her and what doesn’t, right as it’s going along. Note that she’s based in the UK.

Do you have a favorite early retirement blog that isn’t on this list? Share it in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for compiling the list! There are some gems in here I have not read yet (Our Next Life and MsZIYou) and they have inspired me on more topics for my own FIRE blog.

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