Best Money Blogs to Read in 2019

Recently I’ve been updating my RSS feed reader to reflect the best money blogs of 2019. I have been reading different money blogs for a really long time. The list of the ones that I read is long. However, the list of those that are truly the best money blogs is much shorter. I try to go through the list at least once per year to make sure I’m not missing out on any good ones.

The Money Blogs I Write For

Before I delve into the best money blogs that I read from other people, I want to share some other blogs with you. I write for several different personal finance blogs in addition to this one. If you haven’t checked them out, yet, then you might want to do so.

Blonde and Balanced

Of all of the blogs that I write for, Blonde and Balanced is the most female-focused. Men definitely also read this money blog, and I try to share information relevant to everyone. However, when I have statistics, resources, or thoughts that are particularly relevant to women and personal finance, Blonde and Balanced is usually where I share them.

Suburban Finance

If you are middle-aged, particularly if you have children, then you might find some helpful information over at Suburban Finance. You don’t have to live in the suburbs to benefit. Although, when I have personal finance information related to housing, I’ll usually share it here.

Saving Advice

There are several of us who write regularly for Saving Advice, where we cover a diverse range of different financial topics. If you’re looking for personal finance articles that really go into some depth, then you might consider this one of the best money blogs on the list.

Grocery Coupon Guide

My biggest expense other than rent is always groceries. Therefore, I love to learn and write about ways to save money on groceries. I share that kind of information over on Grocery Coupon Guide. I also share Costco’s monthly grocery coupons, how to make the most of couponing, tips for eating seasonally and more. While this isn’t strictly a money blog, you might like it if you’re interested in money saving tips.

Best Money Blogs of 2019

Now that you have a sense of the kind of money topics that I am most interested in, I’ll share what I think are the best money blogs to read right now.


The Forbes money blog is one of my favorite resources. They provide in-depth information about all different aspects of personal finance including investments, wealth management, and retirement income. They also cover other money topics such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, and fintech news.


I use the Mint app to organize my finances. I also happen to love their blog, called MintLife. They have a lot of practical information about credit cards, loans, and saving money. However, they also have more intriguing articles, such as “What Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type Means for Your Wallet.”


I only read a few blogs about credit cards. This is one of them. If I want to know the latest information about the credit cards out there, this is where I’ll turn. If I want to get a new credit card, then I’ll check recent posts here first to see what they’re recommending and why.

Stefanie O’Connell

Stefanie O’Connell offers smart writing with practical advice to help people, particularly women, get smart with their money. Her vision is that you need to have money in order to have the life that you truly want. She wants to teach you how. Her posts are categorized into money, city life, relationships, travel, and career.

The Financial Diet

Some of the best money blogs are written by women and this one is my favorite of the bunch. They have a lot of great articles with tips about personal finance. However, my favorite articles are the first person essays. For example, “How I Lost Nearly All Of My Savings After Investing In The Wrong Friend’s Business.” These articles still provide tips and teach money lessons but do so in a way that’s more accessible and enjoyable to read.

I’m always open to expanding the list of blogs that I read. What do you think are the best money blogs right now?

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