Broadband Hack; Save Money

Is your home internet too slow? Are you paying too much for your broadband service? Maybe you are just unhappy with the service in general, so it is definitely time to switch. Don’t suffer with bad broadband any longer; this is the latest data on the best broadband deals revealed just for you.

Hack 1: Test Your Broadband Speed

Find out how fast your broadband is by testing your speed. Just search “broadband speed test” and you will have access to a choice of free tests that can be run from your PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Just make sure your device is connected to your home broadband and let the application do the work. Running a speed test will allow you to see whether you have the speed you have actually signed up for and gives you an analysis to compare with neighbours and friends.

Hack 2: Compare Deals

Saving money on your broadband can be as simple as entering your postcode to compare broadband, allowing it to search out the best deals in your area.

Savvy shoppers know that comparing prices online is the best way to find massive savings, but there are so many providers, and all of them offer different deals, so the comparison tool takes the mystery out of shopping for broadband.

As a rule of thumb, be sure you check the following features when comparing offers:

  •         Line rental fees
  •         Early cancellation fees
  •         Length of contract
  •         Equipment fees
  •         Hotspots
  •         Extra services and perks
  •         Limited data

Hack 3: Know Your Limits

Homes with low usage that do not stream films or video and never play online games may be better off with a capped data plan, which will be a cheaper plan than unlimited plans.

It is best, however, to stay with unlimited plans unless you are very certain that you never reach the low limits set by capped plans.

Having a capped plan could cost more in the end if you regularly breach your limit of broadband data usage.

Households with multiple users that regularly stream content, have gamers on day and night, or perhaps work from home will need to go for more robust bandwidth. It is important to know your limits and to know your requirements.

ADSL, Fibre Optic, or Superfast Fibre?

Broadband in the UK is available in ADSL, Fibre Optic, and Superfast Fibre, but which is right for you?

TypeSpeeds Up ToGood for homes that:
ADSL16 MbpsDo normal surfing and emailing, perhaps a bit of catch-up telly.
Fibre Optic38 MbpsPlaying online games, watching live TV, surfing, emailing
Superfast FibreMore than 38 MbpsWork with large files, stream from multiple devices, play intense online games.

Hack 4: Remember the Bundle

Consolidating your provider for broadband, phone, television, and even mobile into one saves time and might even save you money. If you or someone in your home regularly watches sports, there are plenty of options to add sports TV packages to your bundle deal.

Some providers offer first-time customers a bigger up front discount, especially if they switch all their services over. The online comparison tool will give you a great place to start considering a new, bundled package that includes your broadband.

To find the latest data on the best broadband deals, enter your postcode and start comparing. Knowing your current speed, contract, and any limits will help guide you to the best plan for you. Once you enter your postcode, click “more info” at the bottom to find out the features and benefits of each plan along with any upfront costs or charges. Happy shopping!

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