Business growth statistics in 2020

There’s been no doubt that 2020 has been a year for the record books. And while it can feel like everything has been on a downhill slide, there have been a few bright spots, especially surrounding new, online businesses.

The world has gone increasingly electronic in the past decade and as such, a host of new businesses have cropped up online. Some of these have ancestors in the brick and mortar stores of the past, others are entirely original.

Within this world of businesses, you may be on the lookout for a place to drop your anchor and get involved in a company that’s continued to show growth even during a tough time. Or maybe you’re looking for a place to invest that seems to be able to weather the storms of life. By joining a company that’s continued to grow despite setbacks can help you stay the course on the road to financial freedom.

What are the growth statistics?

Let’s get into the weeds and talk about growth rates.

Every company takes the time to measure their growth rates. This is about a specific variable like houses sold, ice cream cones sold, or bands booked at your arena within a certain amount of time.

Within established companies, this gives you an idea of where they’re growing and changing. As an investor, you’ll want to look at where the company accumulated revenue and is set to grow within the next year. If you’re looking to get involved with a start-up, the growth rate gives you a great sense of whether the company can be sustainable and profitable over time.

Often included within these growth statistics is how many the company has hired over the past year and is a good indicator if they’ll be hiring again in the upcoming year. So if you’re on the hunt for a new job, researching the growth statistics for the previous year can give you a good idea of whether or not the company will be hiring.

Who’s been growing in 2020?

The year 2020 has been rough for many US businesses and companies but there are several that have continued to grow despite setbacks. Specifically, there are several categories of businesses and companies that have continued to have upward growth rates in 2020.


The US has an increasingly aging population and demand for customized healthcare from home health nurses to the very best in surgical care is driving the upward swing in growth for the healthcare section. As an investor, interest in the healthcare market and biotech stocks have continued to climb and are expected to boom until 2026.

Healthcare remains a human services driven field. Nurses, doctors, home health aides, and everything in between have seen an increase in demand for their services and more personnel. Investment in healthcare


Thirty years ago it would have been almost unthinkable to have as much growth as we do now in the technology field. Everything from healthcare to the US and EU iGaming industry is powered by technology and the demand for more people to pour into collecting and storing data is booming.

Technology continues to be a wide-ranging field and with more people working remotely or from home in the past few years, technology services are an excellent field to join. Investing in technology companies has seen amazing profits and excellent returns within the past several decades and continues to be one of the cutting edge industries to invest in.

Technology growth statistics are hard to quantify at times. For some companies or businesses, it’s new and recurring users over the past year, for others its advertisers and followers. Each company quantifies it differently and a little digging can help determine if the company is experiencing positive growth in 2020.


It’s hard to think of a bigger difference than the one that exists between construction and technology but while they’re dissimilar, they’ve both experienced growth within the past year.

Residential and non-residential construction has been on the rise as the demand for new buildings, roads, and community structures has blossomed. Jobs within the construction field can vary widely as far as education and experience go. Companies in construction that are growing and healthy are often looking for employees that they can train, regardless of experience.

Investing in construction projects remains a steadfast way to see great returns on your investment, year after year. Whether you’re looking at investing in houses, apartment buildings, or roads, the use and return for those investments remain high.


2020 has been a year for the record books. Good, bad, or ugly, each year brings its struggles. Companies and areas of the economy that have continued to grow and flourish can give you an excellent starting point when considering investing or seeking employment at each of these companies.

Growth statistics are derived from knowing a certain variable and how they performed over a set amount of time. If you’re running a bar and you know your beer sales increased from January 1, 2020, to December 31st, 2020, your growth statistics are going up.

When searching for a job within any number of companies, knowing if the company is not just doing well but growing, is a great way to narrow down if you want to work there. The same goes for investing; you’ll want to put your money in a place and company that offers not just a return but a chance to grow with the company into the future.

There are several areas of the US economy that have continued to grow throughout 2020 and into the future. These include healthcare, technology, and construction. Each of these areas has a high demand for workers and investors as they continue to grow.

Knowing the growth statistics for 2020 can help you determine how you want to invest or what company you’d like to join to continue helping them grow. Growth statistics are just numbers and don’t reflect the company’s overall worldview. Do your research if you’re concerned about how the company interacts with its employees, investors, and the environment before deciding to join or invest!



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