Family weekend

Family Weekend

Weekends can be great to get the family together in one place. Usually while the children are still young you can be sure they would enjoy spending more time with mom and dad and their siblings. So it’s a great idea to plan some family weekends where everyone can enjoy being together and having a good time with your family.

Create a Family Meal Plan


If you are going to spend time together at home or take a day trip then create a family meal plan. Find out what everyone would enjoy eating when it comes to dinnertime or when you get back home  A great idea is an instant pot frozen chicken breast. You just put it in your instant pot and add seasonings and set the pot and off you got. This way you know that once the cooking time is done you’ll have a delicious meal to look forward to for the entire family.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is important. Have a family meeting and find out what everyone would like to do. You can plan a trip for just one day but you have to be prepared so that you can just take off on your trip and not worry about destination. Explain to your children that they should not spend so much time playing Internet games or watching TV. Give them the chance to see how wonderful it can be to go out with the entire family.

You can say no

The word no can be used in families,. If something important comes up and you feel that you have to agree to go then you must say no to other plans. A family outing can be postponed if there is a function that takes priority. Often we cannot foresee what might come up during a week.  However if you do cancel make sure you reschedule the planned family time at a later date.

Schedule family time.

It is always important to specifically schedule your planned family time so that everyone can join in. Often as children get older they make their own plans so it is important to make sure they understand that family time is also of importance and to take time off from their own pleasures. Once you have family time scheduled make sure everyone knows to be available at that time so you can enjoy each other and have some fun together.

Have back up

Always make sure you have plans for a day that finds everyone at home. Spending time together at home can be enjoyable as well. Just be prepared to have board games on hand and some arts and crafts for some creative enjoyment. If your children spend too much time on a computer or smart phone tell them to go out to play or maybe get the family together for some board game fun. On good weather weekends you can go for a picnic in the park that way even the family pet can join you.


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