Freelancing: How to Burn Without Burning Out

We know everything about time management, we post endless plans for the day in our Stories, and sometimes we wish there were 25 hours in a day. We meet unrealistic deadlines, understand fields that have nothing to do with us, honestly write the word “multitasking” on our CVs, have time to raise children, and watch sports betting sites with live streaming to have a little fun. Parents call us hard workers, friends wonder how we manage everything, and coaches say that we could do even more. And only psychologists notice that we are actually hovering over the abyss, the name of which is emotional burnout.

Speaking about it. We speak about burnout, when a person, at a certain moment, for some reason suddenly overworked and cannot work anymore. He’s laying there flat and doesn’t want to do anything. Where does a freelancer get burnout? No one is forcing him, he is working according to the principle of “who gets to work for you, gets to work for himself. So why does he drive himself to this degree of fatigue and exhaustion?

We Will Highlight Two Main Reasons for Burnout

The first brings us to self-knowledge. What does fatigue come from, at what point? When there is a lot of work, high nervous-psychic tension, no possibility to reflect, a person misses the moment when he gets tired. Only when he is down, it turns out that there is no strength. It is important to learn to keep track – I am like, with me, after all – and, accordingly, to be able to recover.

If it is clear that we have got an amazing project and we have to work on it around the clock, then the most important thing is to understand why I personally need it, and the second thing is in the process of this work to find time to recover.

This requires energy management skills, in particular, understanding how and by what I can restore my energy, what energy restoration rituals work for me, how to organize my activities so that I don’t get burnt out. Any person needs this set of skills if he wants to face a lot of intellectual and emotional stress and does not want to burn out.

For a freelancer, energy management, working out the optimal balance of work and rest is more accessible than for a professional in another employment system. A better understanding of energy and how to make friends with it can be found in the book Life at Full Power by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz.

The second cause of burnout is when for some reason you do not allow yourself to stop, to realize what you really need, to stop doing what you do not like to do when you do not assign myself the right to rest, you drive yourself to burnout.

Of course, this is less costly for the body than some severe somatic disease or alcoholism. In this case, it is better, of course, to “burn out” and rebirth. But the most environmentally friendly way to deal with oneself is to take care of one’s life and prevent burnout. This is the personal responsibility of a person, especially a freelancer, because no one will take care of him but himself – neither the manager nor the labor code.

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