Frugal Beauty Hacks

After a long day at work, there’s nothing better than pampering yourself with a bit of self-care by giving your hair a special treatment, putting a face mask, and moisturizing your skin. However, trying to look your best can be expensive. That’s why we’ve been scouring the internet and trying out different frugal beauty hacks and easy anti-aging tips that promote more affordable and environmentally friendly ways to treat your body.

Frugal Beauty Hacks to Save On Make-Up & Skin Care

Buy One Ingredient for Multiple Tasks

We’ve all heard about the beauty benefits of coconut oil. As such, a single jar of this beauty-gold can go a long way in your beauty regiment as it gives you a makeup remover, hair treatment, moisturizer, and lotion all in one. If you hate the smell, you can try getting Vitamin E oil, which comes in handy for your cuticles during winter.

Avoid Name Brands

While you may consider yourself a label queen, you might need to double-check the composition and label of your favorite products and compare them with a lesser-known brand. At times, the two products are made from the same factory and simply packed in different bottles. As such, you can comfortably choose the lesser-known store brand and save some cash.

Understand the Products You Need

To ensure you’re not paying for unnecessary scents and food coloring, you need to understand the actual active parts of your favorite products. That can help you eliminate adopt more affordable and environmentally friendly beauty treatments. For instance, activated charcoal mixed with baking soda creates sparkling whitening toothpaste.

If you need a toner, apple cider vinegar is a great home solution, while green tea eliminates eye bags. Even better, coconut oil mixed with Epsom salt works excellently as an in-shower body scrub. That’s why you need to understand what every ingredient in your products helps your body with.

Buy Reusable Containers

Most people end up spending a lot of money on their beauty products because of buying them on small travel-made packages. Such packaging is not only expensive in the long run, but there’s also a lot of wastage in the process. 

Buying products in large containers can save some serious dollars in the long run. That’s why you must invest in reusable containers where you can split your hand soap and shampoo. 

Store Your Products Well

While it’s convenient to leave your makeup kit in the bathroom, heat and humidity might affect the consistency of some items. To ensure the products stay fresh and maintain their consistency, put them in a temperature control area like your bedroom.

To keep your products organized in a modern way, you can consider putting a small spice rack on your dresser for holding different bottles, makeup brushes, mascara, and lip glosses.

Splurge Where Necessary

While it’s easy to replace some products with environmentally friendly home-made solutions, Vaseline mascara made in your basement is not going to cut it. For that reason, you need to save as much as possible where necessary and don’t feel guilty splurging on that pricey lipstick that leaves every picture popping. Some products are just worth every dollar.

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