Frugal property: How to invest with a limited budget

Property investment can be extremely rewarding as it can provide investors with a regular income and produce excellent profits. There are a lot of people who are looking to invest but simply aren’t aware how to purchase property with little money. Property is a unique way to build a stable income, but often people don’t realise how rewarding it can be. If you are wondering on how to invest with a tight budget, there are several profitable opportunities and strategies. Investing in property can actually be a lot more affordable than you first would think. Here are some top tips that will help you along your way.

Think Small

There are smaller properties available that are becoming more attractive for both students, young professionals, and growing families. Apartments and studios are a perfect way to obtain a property without breaking the bank as you can invest in a high value area at a more affordable price. Studio apartments are emerging as one of the most desirable ways of living, and there are plenty of reasons why this particular type of accommodation is appealing to a variety of people.

To realise how to start investing with little money, small properties that are located in modern new developments can also be an affordable option. Developers are increasingly building upwards as the UK population is growing rapidly, leaving housing in short supply. The creation of luxury high rises now feature studio apartments, with the demand for them now being higher than ever. Modern designs, opulent furnishings and careful planning make studio apartments a more appealing option over the old cramped spaces with narrow corridors and old-fashioned furnishings. Floor to ceiling windows, cleverly placed mirrors and nifty storage solutions make those smaller properties feel light, airy, and inviting.

Of course, you should still keep your target tenant in mind when considering smaller living spaces. After all, your tenants are the ones that will drive your cash, so keeping them happy leaves you more likely to be received a regular income. What is important to your potential tenant? What do they want to live near? What local amenities will they need or desire? What will they expect? How convenient are the local transport links? And how much are they willing to pay? These should all be your major considerations when choosing a property investment for you.

Regenerated Areas

If you invest in areas with regeneration schemes waiting in the pipeline, this is a really smart way to invest as the benefits of extensive investment into a particular area can improve a wide variety of things. From population increase, higher tenant demand and rise in property prices, all of which add immense value to an area which is great news for investors who reap the benefits from the appreciation across the area.

Many cities throughout the UK are benefitting from determined schemes and investment programmes which are injecting tired areas with a new lease of life. These rundown areas are transforming into major hotspots for both tourists, businesses and investment opportunities.

Finding an area whereby prices are still low is a great first step, as investors often choose up and coming areas as a first location.

Off Plan

One way to really make your money go further is to look at off-plan property. Purchasing a property before it has been completed is a great way to secure a build significantly below market value. I’m sure some people may view this as a slightly risky strategy. but there are plenty of safety nets in place to ensure your investment remains fruitful over the forthcoming years. RW Invest, property investment specialists based in Liverpool offer off plan property at a reduced rate to investors across numerous cities in the UK. Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds to name a few, present a large choice of units that provide investors with lucrative investments with robust returns.

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