Gadgets That Can Help Lower Your Energy Bills

The energy bill is the most expensive utility bill, accounting for roughly 9% of expenditure on housing, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). If your electricity bill has been ballooning consistently, you need to review your energy-saving measures. Although the cost of electricity is impacted by factors such as geography, the state you live in, weather conditions, and your electricity provider, there is still a lot you can do to keep the bill low.     

Use these gadgets to help lower your electricity bill

Fortunately, recent innovations have gifted us with gadgets that allow us to save energy and monitor our home’s power consumption. The best part is that these gadgets don’t require huge investments, and they don’t affect the performance of your existing electrical equipment and devices. 

By embracing these game-changing technologies, you’ll not only reduce your utility bills but also reduce your carbon footprint. Here are some energy-saving gadgets you should consider buying.

Home Energy Monitor

Knowing your home’s daily energy usage can help you manage your electricity usage better. An energy monitor is capable of tracking exactly how much electricity you are using and give you real-time reports on your phone. It pinpoints which appliances are consuming the most energy and costing you the most. 

These insights can help you to readjust your energy use, or replace the items that aren’t energy efficient. To further tighten your control over your energy bill, make sure you compare the electricity rates of different providers at This approach can help you find a cheaper electricity plan.

Smart Thermostat

A digital programmable thermostat can cut your energy bills by up to 15%, according to the Department of Energy. Old thermostats are not very user-friendly; therefore, users are not able to get the best out of them. By simply upgrading to a smart version, you can turn your home into an energy-efficient haven. 

A smart thermostat has an easy-to-use interface that allows the user to configure the settings effortlessly. Apart from customizable scheduling features, some thermostats can learn your patterns and automatically adjust the temperature when you are home, en-route to your home or away. Others have WiFi capabilities allowing you to control your home’s temperature using your smartphone from anywhere. 

Smart Socket 

When your electronics are powered off, in standby mode or sleep mode but left plugged into a power outlet, they silently suck some energy. This draw is called the phantom or standby power. Computers, TVs, DVDs, chargeable devices, coffee makers, and microwave ovens are major culprits in drawing more power than necessary. Instead of having to unplug every device when you are done using it, a smart socket can come in handy.

Smart sockets and smart power strips can be set to turn off and cut power supply to all devices after a certain period of inactivity. You can set it to shut down your computer after an hour of inactivity or your charging phone after two hours of full charging. Apart from setting timers, some have advanced features such as a wireless control switch to cut off power with ease.  

Smart Lights

Use smart lights

When it comes to minimizing lighting costs, switching to LED bulbs isn’t the only solution. Smart lights are a fantastic invention that can help you make substantial savings on energy bills. These gadgets come with different features. Some allow one to switch off multiple bulbs at once, while others use occupancy sensors to take action. When you enter a room, they automatically switch on the bulb, and when you leave, they turn it off.   


As the world becomes more eco-conscious, innovators are developing more green gadgets than ever before. There are now numerous technologies that can make your home more energy-efficient. With just a little upfront investment, you can find practical gadgets that can significantly slash your electricity costs and help you save more.  

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