Garden Plants That Are Practically Impossible to Kill In Any Climate

If you have ever tried to grow a plant, you know it can be easier to kill them than to keep them alive. We’re not all blessed with green thumbs. Plants are great to have around the house, as they clean the air and make us happier. Garden plants are also a great way to grow fresh herbs, veggies and flowers in your space.

If you’ve tried and failed at keeping plants alive before, we’ve got your back. Here are a few plants that are almost impossible to kill.

Indoor Plants


Succulents are very *on trend* right now. They come from the desert, so it’s really tough to kill them! They need to be watered rarely- once a week at most. They do need light (remember, they’re from the desert) so make sure to put them on a windowsill or near a window. The other thing they need is good drainage. You don’t want your succulents to sit in damp soil for too long.

Snake Plant

Snake plants like to be forgotten about. They need low light, so they don’t have to be near a window. You can water them every two weeks (just avoid getting the leaves wet. Go straight for the soil.) They’re a lovely green color with a yellow trim, so they add a little color to any corner you put them in.

Outdoor Plants

If you’re ready to start a garden and you’ve got the time and space, here are three garden plants that should stay alive for any newbie.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is a very simple to care for plant. It needs lots of sunlight, so it’s good for outdoor gardens. Plant it in completely dry soil. This is a super easy garden plant because you really only need to water it every 2-3 weeks depending on rainfall. You can break off a piece and use them to treat sun burns or actual burns too.


Daylily’s are beautiful and edible! You can snap off the buds and eat them- they taste like snap peas. However, if you just want to let them bloom, they are also really beautiful plants that come in a variety of colors. They’ll add a pop of color to any garden. You can plant them at really any point in the spring or summer. They need a lot of water the first year, but are pretty hardy after that. They do need some shade to really thrive.

Having garden plants that are hard to kill like these will give you the confidence and experience to branch out to more delicate plants. Or if you don’t want to, stick to these! A few plants go a long way in making your home feel brighter and happier.

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