Habits all successful event planners have

Have you ever tried to plan an event? Maybe you were in charge of organising the office Christmas party, or you needed to plan your sister’s surprise birthday celebration? Whatever event planning experience you have, I’m sure you’ll agree that organising an event is often stressful, complicated and wholly time-consuming.

You’re under a lot of pressure to pull it off without a hitch and deliver the perfect event within a short space of time. So, how do the experts make it look so easy? From small, intimate gatherings to company events and even weddings, there are certain habits that all successful event planners have that guarantee faultless events every singly time. Read on to find out what they are.

They utilise relevant software

If you’re planning an occasion to remember, then event planning software is your new best friend. Successful event planners utilise software to help organise and simplify the event planning process. Free event planner software is readily available online, and it can help you at every stage of the process. From designing and planning invitations to the handling of booking tables and tickets, the handling of payment details (safely and securely), data and statistics such as guest and staff numbers, and guest communication facilities. It’s certainly a wonder-tool that any event planner shouldn’t be without.

They are key-communicators

Being a successful event planner doesn’t mean being able to shout loudly. It means you’re able to communicate effectively and command organisation and honesty. Successful event planners take an active approach to all corners of their event, whether it’s speaking with the kitchen team, the florists, the marquee company or the guests themselves. When you’re a successful event planner, your good communication skills should carry your team through any unforeseen disasters and even prevent them from happing in the first place.

They can prioritise tasks effectively

When you’re planning an event, you’ll understand that time is of the essence. You might not have time to experiment with dozens of different table arrangements. Any successful event planner has the ability to recognise and prioritise tasks effectively. Finding a good caterer in the height of the wedding or festive season should take priority over the colour of the napkin rings.

They’re good with numbers

Are you good with data handling? Event planners are required to handle huge amounts of data at any time and they must be good with numbers. Ticket sales, guest numbers, space requirements, how many guests have ordered a particular dish, RSVPs and plus ones. Of course, the statistics aren’t everything, but they play an important part in the successful handling of any event.

And finally, they’re ready to learn and grow

Of course, you want your event to be successful. But an event can be a success and still be learnt from. A successful event planner will always ask for feedback from guests and act on it! Is there something that should have been done differently, how can you streamline your events in the future? Your guests will have all the information and advice you need.

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