Home Maintenance for Frugal Homeowners

Owning a home and being a homeowner is a huge responsibility. Apart from making sure that the mortgage is being paid, there are daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks that you have to consider when owning a home. Brand new homeowners who came from renting or leasing residential spaces like condominium units may be shocked at the amount of work and money it takes to maintain a house. From yard work, filter replacements and even taking care of the sewage, there are a lot of things to manage.

While most of these tasks can be easily taken care of by outsourcing it to another person, it costs money. While spending on home maintenance is important in making sure you still have a house standing at the end of the day, not everyone has money to throw around.

But while there are some things you can save on when it comes to home repair and maintenance, one thing that you should not skimp on is your home insurance. Getting your house insured by Allstate homeowners insurance gives you peace of mind in the event that your house becomes victim to situations like a fire, tornado or even a break-in.

Here are a few things you can do to save on home maintenance.

Save Money by Saving Energy

A huge majority of home expenses can be attributed to utility bills, specifically with energy bills. Save money on your home by improving the efficiency of energy utilization in your home.

Conduct an energy audit

Before making any changes to the way energy is being consumed in your home, it’s best to know how it’s being utilized at the moment. While there are many companies out there that offer energy audit services at a cheaper rate, conducting an energy audit yourself is pretty easy to do. The US Department of Energy has helpful information on their site that can help you conduct a DIY energy audit and save you money.

Install programmable thermostats

Do away with the days of thermostat dials; switch to a digital thermostat that can link with your smartphone or tablet. You can use the Nest learning thermostat which learns your living patterns and adjusts the temperature accordingly, or get a simpler one where you can easily program the temperature to go up or down, depending on your daily routine.

Save Money by Preventing Water Damage

One of the most expensive things to repair is damage caused by water. Whether it’s through flooding or leaky roofs, water getting into places it shouldn’t cost a lot; home insurance policies either don’t cover it or charge a lot for water damage claims.

Clean those gutters

This is a simple fix, yet it’s one that’s often overlooked. Keeping gutters and downspouts free from debris is important to preventing extensive water damage. A clogged gutter or downspout will cause damage to a house’s foundation, exterior walls and siding, and even the landscaping. The National Center for Healthy Housing recommends cleaning your gutters twice a year, or more regularly depending on the weather conditions your house has experienced in the spring or fall.

Being financially smart doesn’t always mean going big like investing in stocks or running a successful business. By trying out these few tips, you can save yourself the financial burden of having to make major repairs on your home or pay expensive utility bills every month.

Another simple way to maintain your home is to get it regularly cleaned by hiring a professional cleaning service such as Diamond Cleaning. Visit them for more info.

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