How Amazon Go Can Change the Way We Do Shopping

Amazon Go is a new kind of shopping experience that features the world’s most advanced shopping technology. Imagine if you could walk into a store, grab what you want and go? This is the magic of Amazon Go. The most exciting part of it? It is a cashless and cashier-less Go Store. All you need to do is to download the Amazon Go app, then scan the app’s QR code at the main entrance and let the magic begin.

Amazon Go was established in the United States. The first store was open to the public on January 22, 2018, at Seattle, Washington. As of 2019, around 18 stores were already open in the United States, particularly in Chicago, San Francisco, and New York City. In the year 2021, Amazon is reportedly eyeing to open 3,000 Amazon Go stores, and it’s planning to expand even in Europe countries like London, airports, and even college campuses. So how Amazon Go can change the way we go shopping? What are the advantage and disadvantages of it towards our daily living?


Time Efficiency

Amazon Go defines the future of the retail industry, and the most significant advantage is time efficiency. With it’s one of a kind features, you can finish purchasing a meal with just only 20 seconds. No lines, no registers, it saves your time.  

Accurate Purchasing

Next, it gives you specific detail of what you have purchased in the store. For instance, you tried to pick up as many items as you want and put back several things before leaving. It will only charge you the items you’ve taken away from the store. It will provide you a detail computation of what you purchased and send it directly to your mobile phone. So you don’t need to bring cash, Amazon Go app will do the trick.

Modern Technology

Amazon Go introduces us to the “just walk out technology.” All you have to do is to scan the QR code app in the entrance and start to pick up the essential kinds of stuff that you need. It will passively detect when an item is picked up and replaced to the shelves. Thanks to its high definition, motion sensor cameras, that scans the bar code of the item.

Next, it uses a geofencing application for monitoring the total number of times an asset attends a specific place that can be used to increase the return of investment. In a case study, Amazon Go store can generate a staggering annual revenue of $ 1.5 million on an average base of 10 hours a day and for about 279 days a year, with a customer spending an average of $10 per visit.


Decrease in Manpower

The introduction of Amazon Go to the market will result in a reduction in the workforce being kicked out because of an artificial intelligence implementation. With self-serving machines, the job title, like cashier, will definitely at higher risk.

Maintenance Cost

Although the technology we get from Amazon Go is very innovative, the financial cost has a significant impact on it. All the technology used in the Amazon Go store is expected to be very expensive. It must schedule periodic preventive maintenance to maintain that it is working efficiently, 100% every day.

The world of retail is now setting a new standard because of the fresh innovation we receive from Amazon Go. It’s because of the technology of it that takes over the man’s force. Amazon Go will surely have a significant impact on the way we go shopping in the future.   

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