How Can I Get Bitcoins?

Bitcoins can be obtained in several different ways. The most obvious and simple is to buy them. But it is not the only way to get hold of a handful of cryptocurrencies; it is also possible to obtain Bitcoins:

Accepting Bitcoin as payment for goods or services. If you sell something online or if you provide services in Fiverr-type work portals, you can ask that what you are going to pay is in Bitcoins, this way you will have Bitcoins instead of dollars or Euros. It’s a simple way to start a small fortune in Bitcoins , and who knows what they can be worth tomorrow. You must know about unknown facts about bitcoins before starting investment in bitcoin.

Minar Bitcoins. Although it is said that to undermine Bitcoins you have to have some computer equipment for milk, there are already websites where with a normal computer, you can start mining Bitcoins: Coinimp.

Bitcoin based games. This is another original way to get Bitcions without buying them, just by playing games like Dragon’s Tale, Strike Sapphire or SwcPoker, you get Bitcoins.

Where can you buy Bitcoins?

It’s okay. At the price that Bitcoins are, I don’t want to spend a lifetime working or playing on the Internet, to get a couple of Bitcoins … Where can I buy them? If you want to buy Bitcoins, you have to go to one of the Exchanges for cryptocurrencies. You can invest in bitcoins to earn more bitcoins. Online trading sites like Bitcoin Optimizer provide great services online. Please visit the homepage of website for registration for free.

Do you know what an Exchange is? Do not worry, an Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange house, you can buy Bitcoins, Ether, Ripple … any of the most common cryptocurrencies. Some Exchanges have the most important cryptocurrencies available.

It is safe to invest in Bitcoins

You can earn a lot of money by investing in Bitcoins. There is nothing more to see at what price Bitcoin began to quote, which did not reach a dollar and the current price.

A person who invested $ 1,000 in 2009, with whom he could buy 1,309.03 Bitcoins, would now have almost $ 21,000,000.

What is strange that someone managed to maintain their investment since then, with the volatility and the different processes that Bitcoin has gone through? To the question is it safe to invest in Bitcoins? , it is clear that it is much less safe to invest today in Bitcoins, than to have done it a year, two years ago, or in 2009. My advice is not to invest in Bitcoins, it is best to speculate with Bitcoins.

What we get by speculating with Bitcoins, take advantage of the cryptocurrency volatility, to earn a lot of money in a very short period of time.

The great advantage we have when we speculate on Bitcoin without having to invest directly, is that we can use tools that control our risks: stops loss. There are several Cfds platforms that allow you to trade with Bitcoins, in addition to different formulas.

How much money can be lost by investing in Bitcoins?

My advice is to speculate with the Bitcoins. You have to understand that Bitcoins are allegations. They are not prohibited (in some parts of the World if), but they are not admitted by the financial authorities.

Some claim that Bitcoin can replace the dollar as a currency. If that happened, it is possible that the current Bitcoins were worth a lot, or quite the opposite, they would lose much of their value.

As we are in a legal limbo, we must treat the investment in Bitcoins for what it is, a very speculative act subject to bestial volatility.

By investing in Bitcoins you can earn a lot of money, we have seen how in a few months your price has tripled, but I do not consider it a suitable product to invest, rather it is a form of aggressive speculation.

At what price can Bitcoin reach?

Those who invest in Bitcoins think that the price can reach stratospheric prices. When 2020 started, Bitcoin was over $ 1,000. A few months ago there was speculation that Bitcoin could reach $ 5,000, when it was $ 7,000, many voices came out saying how dangerous it was.

Bitcoin reached $ 10,000 and some climbed the walls, either because they were making a lot of money and others for not having invested.

At $ 10,000 this was already beastly, but in just over a week, Bitcoin has won 50%! , we have put ourselves above $ 15,000.

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