How to Change Your Lifestyle While on Unemployment and Looking for Work

With record unemployment rates, many people are finding themselves staying at home and hoping for the job market to bounce back. They’re frantically checking to see if their unemployment claim has gotten approved or applying for new jobs.

Luckily, there’s some good news on the horizon. There are positive signs that the economy is on an upward trend and you might be able to find your dream job sooner than you think. 

But we can’t ignore the fact that the world is changing. And it’s changing quickly.

Between pandemics and protests, there’s one thing we’ve learned: The status quo isn’t going to cut it in 2020 and beyond. 

So while we have this time to regroup, it’s probably a good idea to make a few sound lifestyle changes. In this post, we’re going to cover some healthy and productive lifestyle changes that you may want to adopt before you get back to the grind. 

Become More Self-Sufficient

When the pandemic first hit, no one was really sure what would happen. And let’s face it, many people panicked. This is evidenced by the great toilet paper shortage of 2020. 

But worries that we won’t have enough food and necessities for our families really hit home for a lot of us. We realized that we’re extremely dependent on society and its many comforts. 

For the first time in ages, we began thinking about things we could do ourselves. And at the same time, a wealth of information and online courses became available for free. It was the perfect storm to help us become more self-sufficient. And it’s a good lifestyle change. 

Instead of driving by a Jiffy Lube, you can learn to change your vehicle ac filter yourself. Instead of getting herbs and veggies at the grocery store, grow them at home. 

You may have enough time to master these life skills before you get bogged down with a new job. And you’ll be better off for it. 

Take a Fitness Challenge

When you’re working, it can be difficult to start a new fitness regimen. But during this off-time of unemployment, it’s the ideal time to jump into a new fitness habit. Start with a 30 or 90-day challenge. Commit to working out each day in some way. 

There are so many organized challenges out there, so you can join one or make up your own. The key is to commit to yourself and your health. Your challenge could be to walk a mile each day. Or it could be to work up to running a marathon. Everyone starts in a different place, so honor your own journey. 

Connect with Loved Ones

Another thing we’ve learned while spending more time at home is that we really need people. Even the most introverted among us has struggled a bit with the isolation of social distancing and stay-at-home orders. 

Going forward, it probably won’t hurt to make it a habit to reach out to your inner circle more often. You can take a break from your resume creator to have a quick chat. In the end, you’ll feel better and still have plenty of time for your job hunt.

We all have a choice to focus on life’s challenges or opportunities. Grab the opportunity to make positive lifestyle changes that will inevitably improve your life. 

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