How To Fund Your 2020 Getaway

With winter in the air you can’t be blamed for thinking ahead to your next holiday in sunnier climes. But finding the money after Christmas isn’t always easy and you may have to get creative to raise the funds you need. If you’re looking for ways to save, here’s how to fund your 2020 getaway.

Set up a separate bank account

The more money you leave dormant in your current account, the more likely you are to spend it. That’s why it makes sense to set-up a separate savings account just for your holiday fund. Create a direct debit to send the money from your current account into the savings account each month and before you know it you’ll have the money you need. Alternatively, use something like the Empower app, which will do all the hard work of saving for you.

Monthly repayments

If you are worried you may not be able to save up enough and are considering applying for a loan to pay for your holiday, there are a number of options available. No credit check loans are helpful for those who do not have a good credit score and if your application is successful, it could help send you to your next destination abroad. When applying for a loan, always make sure you can afford the repayments as defaulting could have a negative effect on your credit score.

Count your pennies

The old saying goes “every penny counts” and that’s something you can apply to saving for your 2020 getaway. For example, imagine cutting out a daily treat, like a morning coffee, and putting that money into a savings jar. Even as little as £2.50 a day would quickly add up to £12.50 a week, £50 a month and after 6 months that’s as much as £300. That could go a long way to paying for a much needed break later in the year.

Sell some old stuff

There are plenty of places to sell your old items online to make some quick cash. Whether it’s EBay or Depop, you can advertise old clothes, shows, computer hardware or anything else you think has value. It’s a better option than giving it all away to charity, or letting it gather dust in the corner until it is no use to anyone. Some people turn this idea into an ongoing side business to earn extra cash – so if it proves to be successful, who knows what this could turn into for you!

Take on another job

It all depends how much your dream holiday will cost, of course, but you may want to consider taking on a part-time job (in addition to the full-time one you already have) to raise the extra funds you need later in the year. Of course, it makes sense to try the suggestions we offered above first, but if that is not enough, then even a few extra hours one a week at a part-time job could get you the cash you need. Or, if your current job offers overtime, see if you can get in on the action. In the end, all the extra hard work could be worth it when you are flying off into the sunset on that dream holiday. 

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