How to Keep Your Delivery Costs to a Minimum When Sending Larger Parcels

Whether you’re selling some old stuff on eBay or you want to send a gift to someone abroad, you’ll no doubt have to utilize the help of a parcel delivery service.

However, when you haven’t done this before it can be quite daunting – and expensive.

So how do you send these parcels without spending more on the packaging and postage than the item itself?

Here are some of my top tips:

  1. Recycle Old Packaging

Packaging can be quite expensive – especially when you start buying bubble wrap, boxes and goodness knows what else. So before you do this, have a look around your home to see what packaging materials you may have on hand.

The chances are, you’ll have an old shoebox, some tissue paper and some sturdy bags lying around – and these are all the perfect packaging materials.

  1. Make the Parcel Safe but Small

You’ll want to ensure the parcel is wrapped up safely, but don’t get too hung up on wrapping it to within an inch of its life. Instead, look at how you can pack it well but compactly.

After all, the smaller your parcel, the less it will cost.

For example, if you’re sending some clothing or soft, unbreakable items – use a bag for life or another study carrier to wrap it up and send it. Or, if you’re sending something slightly more fragile, choose a box that’s just a bit bigger than it. That way, it won’t move during transit which reduces the risk of breakages, too.

  1. Use a Courier Comparison Site

Don’t just head straight to a courier’s website or the Post Office with your parcel. Instead, look at all types of courier services by using a price comparison site. These will often give you the most competitive quotes for your package, based on its size, weight and destination.

  1. Use Collection Points

The final way to reduce costs is to drop off your parcel (rather than having it collected from your home, and get your recipient to collect the parcel from a local collection point. This often reduces the amount you’ll have to pay as the courier will go to these collection points on a daily basis, so they won’t have to travel out of their way to get your parcel.

As you can see, cutting the costs of your parcel sending can be relatively easy. Just be savvy with your packaging, courier selection and collection/delivery points.

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