How to Navigate Your Financial Needs under a Government Shutdown

Frugality is not just something to help freelancers survive the expenses of living in expensive cities in the United States. It’s a way to help everyone stay financially free, which many of us strive to do.

Unfortunately, as of the day this article was written, the United States still remains under a partial government shutdown. And that means many Americans face extra obstacles on their road to financial freedom. This is especially the case for those working for our government.

Because of the shutdown, around 800,000 government employees have not been getting their paychecks. As a result of this tumultuous time, many government employees are relying on the goodwill of others. These include individuals and companies who are offering free meals and more.

Despite this welcoming display of charity, the financial needs of everyday life have become much more difficult to navigate.

If you are one of the unlucky government employees in this situation, or find yourself in a somewhat similar scenario where frugality would be more than welcome, these money-saving tips might be able to help you.

Minimize Health-Care Costs

As many of you have likely experienced, healthcare waits for no man. So even if you do happen to be under pressure from the U.S. government shutdown or a similar pressing situation, there is a high chance that you will continue to encounter health-care costs, whether they’re for emergency medical issues or for prescription purchases. But you can at least reduce how much they’ll cost you.

To curb the cost of medical emergencies, you might want to check out if you have a nearby free or charitable clinic. Under the direction of The National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics, these centers will provide minimal to no charge for medical services. But please note that these services are only available to you if you are considered economically disadvantaged to the organization.

For cheaper prescription purchases, consider going with generic alternatives. By law, they’re made to be just as good as brand-name prescriptions. But they typically cost less because they don’t need to re-approve the safety and efficiency that their brand-name counterparts underwent testing for.

You can make prescription drugs even less of a burden on your wallet when you purchase them from an online international and Canadian pharmacy referral resource like Rx Connected.

Rx Connected allows you to buy all your prescriptions in one place from licensed pharmacies outside of the States. This means that you can purchase even cheaper prescriptions because many countries have stricter price regulations on pharmaceutical products.

Shop for Groceries and Other Needs Online

Much like purchasing prescriptions online, buying your other essentials online can easily help you save money. Online shopping allows you to avoid the costs of transportation.

You can shave off even more costs doing this by using a free app like Honey. A browser extension you can easily install, Honey gives you the ability to quickly find and apply the best digital coupons and discounts as soon as you start the checkout process at a digital store.

Seek Out Unemployment Insurance

If you’re really hard-pressed for money and know that dipping into your savings even for discounted items just isn’t a thing you can do currently, you might want to consider an assistance program for government employees.

One such program could be the Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees (UCFE). While the program isn’t perfect, if you’re approved under it, you will receive payment to help offset some of your financial costs. Do note, though, that your first week will be an unpaid one.

Stay Strong

It’s stressful to know that both the well-being of your finances and the government are doing poorly for the time being. But hopefully, with these tips in mind, you can at least ease some of your financial burden.

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