How to Save Money Throwing a Party

Are you throwing a party on a budget but don’t know where to start? You have food and drinks on your list, party decorations, invitations, and music to keep the energy high.

These things don’t have to cost a fortune for the party to be a success. You can always use free streaming apps to make great playlists, buy food in bulk, and make your own party decorations.

Your guests can also help by bringing their signature dish, drinks, and desserts, so everyone can try each other’s specialty.

Keep reading to learn how to save money throwing a party and still have the best time ever!

Buy Food in Bulk

Providing a 5-course meal at the party can quickly drain your budget, so consider getting the party food in bulk. You don’t need a charcuterie board or fancy deli meats. Instead, stick to appetizers and snacks, and buy them in bulk.

Alternatively, you can do a potluck and ask guests to chip in with their favorite dishes. You can provide one main meal and they can bring sides, salads, and desserts.

Do a BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze)

Alcohol is the biggest budget-breaker, so if you want to keep the party cost down, ask the guests to bring their own booze. Everyone will bring their favorite drink, and there will be plenty of choices.

Another option is to have a signature drink for the evening and only buy one type of alcohol in bulk.

Make Your Own Party Decorations

If you’re crafty, you can make your own party decorations with things you have at home. Get all the flower vases, kids crafts, candles, paper plates, and string lights you can find and get creative.

Dollar stores are another great alternative, where you can get cheap party decorations and still have a festive, fun space.

Be Your Own DJ

In a digital era of free music apps and streaming services, you can be your own DJ and entertain your guest for free. Create playlists before the party so you have different genres, or ask the guests to bring their own.

Also, if some of your guests are musicians or singers, you can ask them to perform. Make sure to match the music to the occasion and put speakers around the room.

Make Your Own Invitations and ‘Thank You’ Cards

Don’t spend your money on paper party invitations and use free email invites instead. You can also invite your guests through social media without spending a dime. This way, you’ll know who’s coming, who’s bringing a plus one, and how many people you’ll be hosting.

When the party is over, do the same with thank you cards. Use free online software like Adobe Spark’s thank you cards and save precious time and money.

Throwing a Party on a Budget Is Easy with These Tips!

Throwing a party on a budget and still make sure everyone has fun is easy with these tips! Whether you do a potluck or ask guests to bring their favorite drinks, you can have a blast without going broke.

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