Luxury and Frugality Can Be Mutually Inclusive

Frugal living need not be poor living.  In fact, it is also possible to add some “luxury” to your frugality.  Here are a few ways to do so.

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Have a Hobby

A private English teacher who teaches small adult groups likes to teach the difference between a chore and an errand.  Generally, an errand is something you do outside the house or yard such as going to the post office or supermarket.  A chore is something you do in the house with one very important proviso: you have to not enjoy doing it. You don’t have to hate it; just not enjoy it.

So, what may be a chore to one person may actually be a hobby to another.  There are many hobbies that cost almost no money but are very satisfying to the people who see them as hobbies.  A famous baseball manager in the United States once said in an interview that he makes his own sausage.  He said that it was time-consuming and he enjoyed it.  This man turned sausage-making into a hobby and saved a lot of money in the process.

A doctor in Connecticut felt that he needed to find a pastime that he would like doing often.  This man had not learnt to swim in his youth so he learnt to swim.  He discovered that although he used swimming as part of a healthy living regimen, he also liked it enough to call it his hobby.

In his monumental work, “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”, Robert Pirsig spoke about doing the maintenance on your own motorcycle.  Some people have the land area to do some maintenance on their cars as well.  Anyone who rides a bicycle should learn how to perform basic maintenance on it.  At its best, maintaining a vehicle by oneself is a kind of hobby that takes time, gives pleasure, and saves a lot of money.

Keep the Same Car

One of the biggest expenses we all have is our cars.  A new car loses a huge a lot of its value the moment you drive it off the lot.  Keeping a car and doing the necessary maintenance, is often more economical than selling one and buying another one.

Stay in the Same House

Unless the house is far too big after the kids have grown, or far too small while the kids are growing, or you move away, it’s always much more economical to stay in the same house.  When you do buy a house, it’s best to get the longest mortgage the bank will allow.  Also be sure that you can get a mortgage that you can pay off without penalty.

Pay Extra for Better Insurance

The most commonly used insurance is health insurance.  If, in your country, you can buy basic health insurance to cover the entire cost when a catastrophe happens such as a terrible disease or an accident, do so.  You’ll pay a little extra every time you go to the doctor but you’ll save a lot of money on premiums.

The same applies to auto and homeowners insurance.  Here you should do a survey of friends and family and especially lawyers you might know to find out which companies are best at reimbursing customers fairly.  Buy insurance from them.  You’ll save money the moment you have a claim.

Life insurance is seriously misunderstood.  If you want good life insurance with money left over for the luxuries you want to buy, you need to see life insurance in the same way you see homeowners’ or car insurance: if you haven’t used the insurance in a given year and have to renew the policy you do so knowing that the insurance is there when you need it.  Life insurance is often sold as a savings plan.  But it isn’t; it’s insurance like any other insurance.

Eat Well but Frugally

Fast food is very expensive.  Home cooked food is much cheaper.  You might also find that you enjoy cooking or preparing meals.  If you have a fast food habit, do without for a time and try to figure out how much you’ve saved.  You can save on other food items as well.  The idea is to eat well, eat healthily, and eat frugally.

The most expensive food you have is the food you throw away.

Use the Library

You can read the newspaper and magazines in the library.  You throw old copies out anyway.  Many magazines and newspapers are free online.  Even if the one you have been reading begins to charge a fee to read, you can switch to another paper or magazine.   It’s more difficult to read books in the library bit you can always check them out and read them at home.

Go to Used Book Stores

These places have become more expensive than they were in the past but they are still great “entertainment” for people who love books.  You can stay as long as you like and never even buy a book.

Cancel Cable

Many people have found that they get along just fine without cable.  Streaming sites provide great entertainment value without all the dross you get on cable.

Stay Up-to-Date on Your Credit Cards

The interest per month that credit card companies are allowed to charge is unbelievably high.  If you have credit card debt, it’s a sign that you’re spending too much.  Find an area where you can cut down so your credit cards don’t bankrupt you.

Save Electricity

You can save a huge amount of money drying your clothes on a clothes line.  You can run the air conditioner only when you need it by using an on-off timer.  Electricity is expensive so be frugal with how you use it.

Spend Some of the Savings

If you live frugally in most areas, you’ll save enough money to have a great vacation or to spend the money on something you really want.  This is where luxurious frugal living finds its best conclusion: when you go on a cruise or on another super vacation with the money you’ve saved.


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