Marketing to Gen Z

In the era of technology and globalization, marketing strategies are significantly different from the classic “book” practices. Each new generation differs from previous personal preferences, level of self-knowledge and perception of the world. The main reason for the differences is socio-economic changes.

Teenagers of the XXI century – generation Z, or centennials – do not perceive deep “basic” theories. They prefer to solve multifunctional tasks with simple and effective methods. They love visibility, technology, and gadgets. Representatives of Generation Z are actively using smartphones, tablets, and all kinds of wearable devices for all occasions, and feel free in VR and 3D realities. Let us pay attention to the main “trends” of perception of centennials and consider what should be emphasized when launching a service for teenagers.

  1. Actual visualization and design

To promote a product among teenagers, a marketer must remember, first of all, about the “good” visualization and modern design. Here are some youth trends in web design that are worth considering:

Color gradients. The transition from muted shades to brighter ones, as well as the transition from one color to another, can be used both in the design of the blocks on the website and in individual design elements (buttons, panels, and logos).

Bright photos and illustrations. Juicy bright colors, contrasting images, and “catchy” thematic photos add significance to the project in the eyes of a teenager.

  1. High-quality video graphics

Teens increasingly prefer animation and video content. Videos “catch up” more with the centennials and are more easily perceived by the generation Z than text or graphic messages. Here are the most popular video marketing trends:

Interactive videos. The originality of such content attracts an ever-growing youth audience and fills random voids in services.

Vlogs, video interviews, commercials, video attracts teenagers not only with their information but also with the high-quality picture.

Here are some fun factsabout Generation Z:

  • Gen Z allegedly has the attention span of about 8 seconds, compared to the millennials’ 12. (Source: Forbes)
  • Actually, Gen Zers possess a sophisticated 8-second filter derived from growing up with massive amounts of information. (Source: Fast Company)
  • By 2020, Gen Z is expected to account for 40% of all consumers, with $44 billion in buying power. (Sources: Fast Company and
  • That number expands to $600 billion when you include their parents’ spending. (Source:
  • 65% of marketers planned to increase their spending on marketing to Gen Z during 2018. (Source: Statista)

Online habits:

How often are they online?

45% of teens say they’re online “almost constantly” and 44% say they’re online multiple times a day. (Source: Criteo)

Social media use:

Gen Z uses each social media channel differently:

They use Instagram to exhibit their aspirational lives.

They use Snapchat to share their daily lives.

They use Twitter to get the news.

They use Facebook for information. (Source: Response Media)

Gen Z’s favorite platforms:

YouTube: 85% use the platform, 32% use it most

Instagram: 72% use the platform, 15% use it most

Snapchat: 69% use the platform, 35% use it most (Source: Pew Research Institute)

Email us:

How often do they check their email?

58% check their email multiple times a day

23% check their email at least once a day

12.1% check their email a couple of times a week

5.2% check their email only once a week

0.98% never check their email

How many emails are they receiving?

29.5% receive 1-5 emails a day

37.4% receive 6-20 emails a day

18% receive 21-50 emails a day

9.1% receive 51-100 emails a day

5% receive 100+ emails a day

How frequently should you email them?

31.8% like to hear from brands a couple of times a week

27.5% like to hear from brands once a day

19% like to hear from brands once a week

18.4% like to hear from brands once a month

Why do they use email?

64.9% use email for personal communication

14.4% use email for work

19.3% use email for school

What factors influence whether or not they open their emails?

68% open emails for sales or offers

60% open emails for relevant content

36.1% open emails because of the personalized subject line

35.1% open emails because of the graphics, images, or branding

Here’s everything you need to know about Gen Z to better connect with these consumers:

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