What It Means To Live Frugally

Are you trying to save as much money as possible, or just getting out of debt? It may be time to consider a more frugal lifestyle. But it being frugal does not mean you are giving up everything and depriving yourself of the joys of life.

Instead, being frugal means you are living life in a smarter more financially responsible way. You manage your money more responsibly. You make every penny count through sales and coupons. But it is also about being creative with your lifestyle. You find ways to repurpose something or learn to do things yourself. Then end goal is to allow you to live the life you dream of.

Here are a few tips to help you start living a more frugal life.

Create a Budget

Creating a budget helps you organize and understand where all your money goes. See which categories are a must, and which ones you need to cut back on. The purpose of your budget is to help keep you on track with your spending and saving.

Start by making a list of your monthly expenses, required and luxury expenses included. Then move to your income. Make a total of your monthly revenue from every form you have. Once you have these totals, you can compare your income to your expenses. The goal is to have your income higher than your costs.

Make Small Changes Where You Can

Sometimes all we need or simple changes to save a few more dollars. They can happen anywhere and do not need to be drastic. By starting off with small changes, it will help you stay dedicated and push you to do more.

Simple things like adjusting the thermostat can go a long way. Lower the thermostat down by a few degrees when you are not home. It is not necessary for the heat to keep going in the winter if no one is there to enjoy it. But even when you are home, drop it down a degree. Grab some slippers, a blanket or cuddle close together at night until your body adjusts. Your bank account will notice a difference.

Be Creative With Entertainment

It is so easy to spend money on drinks, food or movies when thinking of the next date night. Instead, be creative and find other ways of entertainment that are either cheap or free. Consider going for a bike ride or walk during the summer. If it is cold out, have a game night at your place with friends rather than spending money going out.


Sometimes though, we cannot help but spend money. This is especially true when an emergency pops up. If that happens, you’ll need to pay the required money. If you find it is more than you can handle, consider online loans for help. They are ways to access quick cash when you need it.

Online loans, for the most part, are short-term loans. This means you’ll need to pay it off within relatively a year. Make sure to include your loan payments into your budget.


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