Medicine and Moolah: A Few Side Hustles for Healthcare Workers

While the healthcare industry is flourishing in ways it never has before, it doesn’t hurt to have a supplemental source of income. Earning a little extra cash here and there can be the next big step that takes you to financial freedom. Not to mention picking up a side gig is a great way to learn new skills and maximize your potential. 

The good news is, as a healthcare worker, you do not have to stray far from your career to earn some extra capital. There are plenty of additional income streams within healthcare, ranging from a few hours of work here and there to part-time employment. From creating content online to research positions, check out these side-hustles designed explicitly for healthcare workers. 

Immunization Nurses

One of the best ways to earn extra cash as a healthcare worker is to administer flu shots and vaccines on your off-hours. Immunization nurses can work at various locations, including curbside clinics, mobile outreach units, home visits, and drive-through clinics. The pay rate spans from $20 to over $50 an hour, depending on your experience. COVID-19 has also led to a high demand for immunization nurses as America aims to gain herd immunity. 

Medical Surveys

As a healthcare worker, your opinions are highly valued. Major pharmaceutical, drug, and medical companies will pay you for your input in the form of surveys. These surveys consist of online surveys, in-person focus groups, telephone studies, and more. The best part is that there are no schedules to abide by; you can take these surveys whenever you have free time.  

Freelance Health Writer

If you work in the healthcare industry and have a passion for the written word, consider working as a freelance writer in your off-hours. Medical blogs and websites are always looking for writers with experience in the healthcare field. Working as a freelance medical writer allows you to share your experiences and provide knowledge and insight that other writers don’t possess. 

Freelance Writing and Flexibility 


Not only does freelance writing pay well, but you have the flexibility to set your own hours and work from home. Since you are essentially your own boss, the workload you take on is entirely up to you. Since content companies are always looking for fresh content, there is never a lack of work. 

Digital Health

Ever since the pandemic, more and more people have been looking to telehealth visits to meet their medical needs. According to the CDC, the trend of telehealth communications has been growing exponentially. 

Telehealthcare involves patients talking with healthcare providers such as nurses, physicians, and doctors through online video services such as Zoom and other platforms. These technologies allow healthcare workers to evaluate patients remotely and suggest specific treatments. This new medical frontier has created an abundance of side job opportunities within the health industry. 

Pharmaceutical Research 

Pharmaceutical companies are constantly researching and developing new pharmaceutical drugs and need all the help they can get. If you are an experienced nurse or physician, consider a part-time research position to bring in a little extra cash. There are also many roles within the pharmaceutical research realm, such as board members, clinical research associates, and medical directors. 

Healthcare Education

One of the most rewarding side-hustles to get into as a healthcare worker is education. What better way to utilize your vast experience and knowledge in the field than by teaching others? If you are an expert in your healthcare specialty, consider becoming a professor, a teacher, or a tutor. Each avenue is equally fulfilling and can provide a fantastic stream of extra revenue. 

When You Need Some Extra Cash

Overall, taking up a side hustle as a healthcare worker is a great way to spend your free time and earn some extra cash. Not only is it financially productive, but it can help you discover new skills and develop the ones you have. 

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