Men’s weakness

Men like to eat real food, especially protein

Feeding men is not easy at the best of times. Always keep in mind that they love to eat especially food with plenty of protein like a satisfying steak or a BBQ grilled chicken breast. I nice grilled bbq chicken breast can make a man happy. Add a side of French fries and you will have him asking for more.  It is not difficult to serve the both of you if you want less you can take the smaller chicken breast and just have a salad as a side.

Men Like to Eat Meals

For men burgers, nachos, chips and even sandwiches are just snacks. When they sit down to dinner they want to have a meal with meat, potatoes, vegetables and even gravy. When you cook for a man consider the fact that he won’t be satisfied until he has eaten his fill. So make sure that your servings include plenty even for seconds. Planning a meal for your man is not hard to do because if you want to eat less you can have your meal with just a salad while he can fill his plate.

Men Eat a Lot

Most men are much bigger than women and therefore tend do eat more because they must satisfy their appetites. A man can eat twice as much as a woman but also has the tendency to put on too much weight. I small restaurant portion will satisfy a woman but not a man. Thereby if men go out they are the ones who usually will order a starter to begin with and fill up on the bread brought to the table.


Boys Can Eat More Than Grown Men

It is a fact that boys can eat more than grown men because they are growing fast and they expend a lot of energy so they need to replenish their body with the necessary calories. So if you have a growing boy or teenager at home make sure you have plenty of things on hand that they can prepare themselves like sandwiches anytime they want. Make sure the dinners you prepare have plenty of second and third helpings with boys and teens around it won’t go to waste.

Men Eat Differently from Women


It is a fact that men eat differently from women because most women are always watching their weight. A man can be satisfied by grabbing onto any good food that is available. Women tend to consider what they will eat and often choose what is healthier. Give a man a giant burger with  a side of steak fries and he will polish that off in an amazingly short time. Remember men look to satisfy their hunger.


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