Online Casinos are not One Size Fits All

There are good reasons to play casino games at an online casino and good reasons to play at a brick and mortar casino.  The good reasons that apply to one type of casino generally do not apply to the other type.  Whether you prefer a Vegas casino or an online one often depends on what you are looking for in a casino.

To Play or Not To Play

First of all, you have to decide if you really want to play casino games at all.  There are millions of people who never play casino games.  There are many millions of people who stop off in Las Vegas overnight on their way to the National Parks in Utah and Arizona.  These people might take a roll of nickels and paly some slots but they don’t have any genuine connection to gambling.

This blog is for the many millions of people who do lie to play casino games.

Advantages of Land Based Casinos

The biggest advantage that land based casinos enjoy over online casinos, one that may endure as long as people enjoy casino gambling, is that they are exciting.  Think pizazz.  Think razzmatazz.

Land based casinos are flashing lights, bells going off, people shouting in glee or in disappointment at the roulette wheel or craps table.  Land based casinos are flowing alcohol, sleek hotels, excellent restaurants, and shows.

If those aspects of casino gambling are as important to you as the games themselves, then you don’t need tips toward choosing an online casino because you don’t gamble there.

Advantages of Online Casinos

  • You never have to wait for a game.
  • Return to player rates are higher.
  • You have no ancillary costs for travel, hotel restaurants, and so on.
  • You can work and play at virtually the same time.
  • Online casinos offer more games and more variations of games.

Choosing an Online Casino

Now, if you’ve decided to play casino games online, you might be helped by a few tips on choosing where to play.  There are thousands of online casinos but they are not all the same.

Easy on the Eyes

An online casino should have easy to read text.  Many online casinos have strange color contrast between the text and the background.  If you access the homepage of an online casino and the text is difficult to read, either because the font is too small or the contrast is bizarre, leave and go to another casino – there are plenty to choose from.

It continues to amaze us that so many online casinos have text in a font that is too small for their likely customer base—older people—can’t read.

Games from Several Providers

As big as online casinos can be, they can’t carry all the games from all of the game providers.  Most casinos carry games from one provider.  That’s okay if you’re willing to find another casino with games from other providers.  It’s usually best to have several game providers under one roof, so to speak.

Instant Play

This is the term many casinos use to describe playing on your browser rather than downloading the entire casino to your hard drive.  Even if you upgrade your casino often, the size of many online casinos will still tax your hard drive.

Instant play should have excellent graphics.  The whole purpose of instant paly is to make it just as easy to play on the browser as it is to play on the desktop computer.

Welcome Bonus

Every casino offers new players some type of bonus or a set of bonuses.  You can grow your bankroll quickly but there are caveats.  The first is called the play through requirement.  This is a factor of the bonus that you have to play before you can withdraw your winnings.  It makes sense because without the play through requirement, many players would cash out their bonus money as soon as they receive it.

The problem with the play through requirement is that they range in size from 25x to 60x.  You have to read the terms and conditions to find out what the requirement is at any casino so do so before signing up and making a deposit.


There are some casinos that offer tutorials on their games.  This really doesn’t make any difference in slots and other pure games of chance but it is important in blackjack and all forms of poker.  It’s also possible to read good articles on games at other sites unrelated to the casino.  However, tutorials indicate that the casino is serious about giving players the best possible gaming experience.


Top casinos offer many different types of promotions.  They offer good bonuses for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because they want to.  Some casinos run contests.  These promotions generally come in two forms: the kind that you have to play for hours on end to have a chance to win and the other kind, where your chance of winning is based on factors incidental to how long you’ve played.


This goes without saying but sadly not every casino tells you how it’s protecting your money.  Make sure you play at a casino that does so.

Customer Service

The three minimum ways to reach a casino are chat, email, and toll free telephone.  We recommend that you call the casino and speak to a representative even if you don’t have any specific questions.  You’ll get a good idea of the kind of customer service they provide.

The customer service office should also be open 24/7/365.


Readers of this site are aware of the fact that everything we do can be relatively expensive or relatively cheap.  As far as casino gaming is concerned, playing at an online casino is far cheaper than at a land based casino.


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