Repurposing plastic that cannot be recycled

Looking after the planet is important to most people. They want to do their bit. A big part of doing so is repurposing. Both of these habits fit in well with the frugal living ethos. Everything you create yourself saves you money as well as reduces your carbon footprints. As you can see below there are some very interesting and surprising ways to repurpose all kinds of objects.

Three easy ways to repurpose old wall signs

If you have signs that you bought from somewhere like that you no longer use, don’t let them end up in landfill. Turn them into something else instead. 

The blank side of an old plastic sign is great for using as a whiteboard. They are good for protecting work surfaces of all kinds. Most signs are tough as well as wipeable. If you have a way of cutting them up, you could even turn them into placemats.

Recycle yard signage

In America, during election season, tens of thousands of yard signs are deployed. These large corrugated signs can be used to create virtually anything you can think of. Here are just a few ideas. All you really need to do is to use your imagination to come up with dozens more.

Two potential uses for non-recyclable shopping bags

If you are still reusing plastic shopping bags, check to see if they can be recycled. Surprisingly, a lot of them can’t be. But, they can still be repurposed when they are getting too worn to be used for shopping. You could, for example, use one to line another bag that is stronger. This can extend the life of both bags and make it safer to carry heavier items.

But, at some point, your bag will be too worn to be safely used for shopping. When that happens, don’t throw it away. Instead, turn them into string or rope. You basically get rid of the handles and seamed edges and cut the rest into 3 to 5 cm wide strips. Be sure to cut across the bag, to produce plastic circles. You then twist each strip until it forms a cord. It is easy to add one strip to another; you just need to twist them together to form a strong bond. 

Remember that repurposing is better than recycling

It is also a good idea to get inventive with plastic items that can be recycled. In terms of carbon emissions, repurposing is usually better than re-cycling. So, instead of automatically putting your plastic bottles in the recycling, try to find a use for them. You will be surprised by how often you can do this. 

Turn large plastic bottles into mini-greenhouses

For example, if you have limited space and would like to grow your own vegetables you can utilize old plastic bottles to do so. You just need to cut the top off, fill the bottom with soil, put your seeds in, turn the top upside down and rest it on the bottom half. Provided you have cut it the right length there will be room for the seedlings to grow. You can use pegs to keep this mini-greenhouse together until you are ready to plant the seedlings out.

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