Revealed! How cloud backup can save your business money

As a business, keeping costs down and controlling your cash flow is essential to your success and your ability to grow. It’s easy to become fixated on that bottom-line, but believe it or not, you don’t have to scrimp and save in order to keep those all-important dollars and pounds safe in your business account.

Sure you can move over to freelancers, haggle with your vendors, or use second-hand office equipment, but have you ever thought about switching to a cloud backup service? Keeping your files, documents, data and the details of your clients safe is part of the responsibilities of a business owner, something which many of us believe should come with a huge cost.

However, it’s simply not the case. By switching to cloud backup services, you get all the security and smart software you need, but without the hefty price tag. Want to know more? Read on for how cloud backup services can save your business money.

No more expensive hardware

Traditional tape drives (the go-to data storage device for decades) are expensive. And the more capacity you want, the more you have to pay. Something that could hold entrepreneurs back as they begin to grow. With cloud back-up storage, you don’t have to worry about funding expensive hardware or finding and paying experts to handle it. With the cloud, everything is streamlined and considerably cheaper.

You’re only paying for what you need

With cloud backup, you can choose how much space you need and how much you need to pay. Unlike traditional data storage methods, the scalability of the cloud is fluid, and it can grow with you as your business does, you won’t have to worry about replacing additional hardware which will cost you more money. Simply put, you don’t have to worry about running out of space. You can also scale-back your requirements just as easily.

You’re protecting your organisation for less

Hackers, complete data loss and breaches of security – these are all things that traditional data storage providers have to worry about. However, with cloud backup, state of the art software means that all your data is not only protected but is safe and secure to the highest possible standards. With the latest security innovations and concrete security measures at every stage and all included in your lower monthly price.

Disaster recovery is a thing of the past

When you invest in cloud storage, you no longer need to worry about catastrophic accidents destroying your data. When your files are only available online, there’s no need to worry about fire, flood or other issues potentially setting your business back.

And finally, less human error

When you’re using a cloud back-up service, it’s completely automated, which means there’s less chance of a human error occurring. Manual backups just aren’t as error-free as we’d like them to be, and when you’re a business the last thing you’ll want is to spend time correcting a mistake that could have easily been avoided.


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