How To Sort Out Your Coins At Home

sorting out coins

Do you keep a coin jar? I’ve kept one for years- it lives on my dresser and I drop any spare change I come across in there. Sorting out coins is as old school a money saving idea as it gets, but it’s something that really works. You can’t argue with cold hard cash.

Taking your coins from jar to actual money you want to spend is a different ball game. There are automatic coin counters, but you can do it at home for free.

Free Money

Counting coins is a great way to come up with some ‘free’ money. Most people don’t spend coins ever. I’ve even heard of people who throw away pennies. That’s WILD to me- pennies are money too!

Saving your coins means a stream of income for something that doesn’t require automatic saving, or deviating from your main source of income.

Sorting Out Coins

Sorting out coins can take a little bit of time, but I actually enjoy it. It’s fun to organize your money, even if it’s just nickels and dimes.

Here’s how you can start sorting out coins at home.

Paper Rolls

A classic! I’m talking about the colored rolls of paper that you can pick up at a bank. Each roll holds a certain amount of money, and you fill it with a certain amount of coins. Since you get them for free from the bank and roll them for free yourself, you take home 100% of the money you save!

Speed Sorting Trays

These trays have different sized holes in them for the different types of coins. You empty your join jar into the tray and the appropriate coin will fall through. Then you repeat with the different sized trays until all your coins are sorted.

These trays can be a big time saver for you when sorting out coins, and they’re designed to last for years. If you’re a big coin person these might be worth the investment!

Electric Coin Sorter

One step up from the trays and two steps up from the coin rolls, you can invest in an electric coin sorter. These can be bought on Amazon or Target and are so fun! You pour your money into them (all the coins at once) and the machine will spit it out into the paper wrapper for you.

Sorting out coins at home is a great way to make sure your loose change actually turns into money you’ll use. It can be your fun money, or you can tuck it away into a savings account. In fact, coin savings can be a great and easy way to boost your emergency fund .

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2 Replies to “How To Sort Out Your Coins At Home”

  1. I would add one thing…my bank will dump my change in their coin counter for free. In fact, if the coins were rolled, they would undo the rolls and still dump them in the coin counter to make sure the count was accurate. It’s worth checking out to see if that’s an option.

  2. There is a shop close to us where we can pay with coins – they have a machine that is a sort of electric Coin Sorter and counter.
    So 1-2-3 times per year we clean our pockets there.
    Again, we have a shop with a donating box – there is the place for a lot of coins.

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