Streaming Guide: How to Watch the Rugby World Cup 2019 For Free Globally

Japan did win the bid for the ninth edition of the Rugby World Cup – and they have made history in doing so. Afterall, they have now become the first Asian country to host the competition, and that will go a long way in history.

Considering the recent run on which New Zealand is on, though, they might just make history as the first team to win the trophy three times back to back.

In all, there are a lot of interesting things to look forward to in this edition and you don’t want to miss out on it. That is why we have created this streaming guide to ensure you get the best experience while watching all the rugby world cup games online.

Why should you consider streaming?

For us, streaming is a no-brainer for many reasons than one.

  • Convenience– You don’t always have to be near a TV to get the ultimate rugby world cup experience. You could just have your phone, tablet or computer with you and you are good to go. The best thing about streaming is that you can get the content on the go too – be it in the train, on your way to the store or anywhere at all.
  • Cost– Streaming helps you cut back on all the costs you would have incurred with cable TV. Of course, we don’t need to tell you how expensive cable can get, especially when you are subscribing to a package that will allow you get sports content. It is just best to take advantage of the massive savings you can get with streaming instead.
  • Location concerns– In the US and UK, both ITV and NBC have bought rights to the games respectively. This does not spell good for the rest of the world as they might not get the game at all, get snippets and highlights only or have to deal with obtaining the action several hours after it has been played live. With streaming, you can always be sure you are getting the real deal as the action is going down.

Considerations to make when streaming

Before streaming the games too, you have to ensure you are doing it right. Some of the considerations you would have to make are:

  • Streaming devices– The bigger the screen, the better. While streaming on your smartphone is convenient enough for when you are on the go, you should prepare for a bigger screen if you will be watching the game with family and/ or friends. That way, you can feel the immersive experience like you were on the pitch too.
  • Streaming platforms– A lot of websites and apps will offer you the chance to enjoy the game streams for free. While they might sound like a great idea, you could be doing yourself more harm than good by trusting your entertainment to them.

For one, some of those rogue streaming websites will steal your data or install malware on your devices while you are busy enjoying the game. Likewise, you should know that they are obtaining the games illegally and that constitutes a federal offence in many countries.

Besides, you are not guaranteed quality streams nor smooth experiences – seeing as many of them will interrupt your streams with ads and popups.

Recommended streaming platforms

That said, you can stull stream ALL the rugby world cup games legally without having to pay a dime. Here’s how:

  • UK Markets–ITV has made all 48 games availed to all UK watchers for free. If you don’t have cable, sign up for an account with TVPlayer and access all the ITV content you want from there
  • US Markets– NBC has the rights to the games in the US, but they are not as generous as ITV. However, you can still get around that by leveraging free trials from different streaming services.

Note: We recommend using all of YouTube TV, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue and DirecTV when streaming from the US. All of these services carry a paid plan to allow you access NBC, but they do offer free trials before you start paying anything.

Thus, you get the first 14 days free with YouTube TV, another 7 days with SlingTV, yet another 7 days with PlayStation Vue and round up with a 7-day package from DirecTV too. With that, you can get all the games for free.

Streaming from outside the US and UK

If you live outside the US/ UK or are simply travelling other countries at the time of the games, all hope is not lost. Simply:

  • Download a VPN
  • Connect to a US/ UK server (depending on which one you prefer best)
  • Check the game schedule to know when matches will be played
  • Adjust your time accordingly/ setup game alerts
  • Apply the streaming tips above according to the market location you have connected to and
  • Enjoy the games!

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