How to study all day long

The features of the long study session

No matter how consistent you are in your studying, sometimes there are days when you have to dedicate much more time to study than in any other days. Usually, such days appear before final or difficult exams, presentation of your thesis writing or completing laboratory works. The truth is that it could be harmful to your brain to study too much because of the exhausting and tiring. Studying all day long differs from the studying for two-four hours per day. You have to stay focused and concentrated for a long time, you swallow a big volume of the information, and you strain your brain. However, if you have to study all day long, you have to keep in mind several recommendations to make the process of studying effective, productive, and less tiring.

How to set the long day study session?

First, let us determine how the full day of studying looks like. It is a day when you are studying for ten to eleven hours with small breaks. The best option is to start somewhere between nine and ten a.m. because you need to be fresh and full. It is important to sleep well in the night before and to have a healthy breakfast. If your energy level is low, you will fail in studying for so long and you will need the writing service to finish a piece of your work for you.

To be able to study all day you need to have a plan, a schedule of the studying session. However, you have to focus on the tasks and the flow instead of concentrating on time. Do not set too tight time limits. To set an active study session, do not forget to perform different activities. Prepare and organize your materials, create a plan, have an active reading, a review, a passive reading, and do not forget about practicing like online essay writing, taking tests and quizzes.

The long study session requires you to be fully focused and concentrated. Make sure that you eliminated all the distractions, you canceled all other tasks and plans, and you prepared everything you may need during the study session. Your main purpose is to immerse into the studying, to let it fully cover you.

When you are studying an entire day, it is inevitable to reach the condition when you are about to give up. Some psychological paper writing calls it “a line of discomfort”. It means that your brain works as hard as possible; it seems that “more” is just impossible. Do not let this condition to beat and to confuse you because all the gain is exactly above that line. At such moments, you have to try harder to cross that line and get the reward.

The motivation is critically important if you are going to study all day. You have to think of it before, to understand and to write down why you need that long study session, what you are going to get from that, what reward you are going to give yourself in the end. Make sure that all that stuff is understandable, significant, and desirable.

Once you have started to study, do not forget about hydration, nutrition, and some physical activity. Do not sit all day; take small breaks to warm up and stretch your muscles, to let your eyes some rest, to breath with a fresh air. Remember, your health is the most appreciable treasure you have, do not spoil it deliberately.

It is highly recommended finishing your long study session not too late, somewhere about nine p.m. The reason is that your brain needs some time to cool down, to digest all the information learned, to prepare for sleeping.


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