The teacher is not just profession-it’s a calling

The school is the social phenomenon, where every individual becomes individuality. The kids that go to school learn how to share with each other, protect themselves, to be responsible for their deeds. In the elementary school, pupils form their interests and hobbies, they get to know about first frustrations and first love. And all these are the job of the teacher. You may ask what is so hard here?! You just need to teach and educate kids, but as it’s said- you have to give them not only your nerves but the heart as well.

How to find the approach toward pupils and students?

All kids are different: brave and scary, generous and greedy, extroverts and introverts, talkative and silent. But all of them are like sheets of clean writing paper that later become like the coloring book. You have the basics like lines that you need to feel with the necessary information. Nowadays, it’s very difficult to find the approach toward kids- you don’t have the right to raise your voice or put in the corner, and there is no sense to say something about students because they think they are too independent and know everything in this life. They need to have a lecture about the discipline and how to behave in the society.

The teacher’s profession is very difficult

Pupils and students just start to get acquainted with their social roles, adjust to the world that surrounds them and fulfill the passive work, while, the teacher has an active position and is the role model. When it comes about the essay writing or the composition at school or the thesis writing at the college, you don’t have to yell at them and explain to them how stupid they are and they cannot do anything without you. It’s not the right approach! Always provide them with the writing help at yourwriters and you will see that your help will be needed for two times and on the third one they will do that themselves. Just help and explain! And you will definitely see the result of your work and thankful kids.

Teaching demands the certain commitment.

As for me, teaching demand the full commitment, where you have to give all your intellectual, physical and spiritual energy. The teacher is responsible to be the psychologist, he has to be able to find the good sides and abilities of their pupils and students. The teacher is always able to find the individual approach toward everyone because every student has his own inner world and interests. You have to understand that being a teacher is not when it’s two o’clock and you go home; when the student needs your help on writing thesis, you have to stay longer and provide with all information because it’s your responsibility.

Who is the good teacher?

The good teacher has to be interested in his job and his subject. To my mind, the teacher has to be patient, love kids, to be intelligent, educated, attentive, mobile, enthusiastic and stress-resistant. The perfect characteristic of a good teacher should be the strong desire for self-development, self-improvement, he has to look for new and interesting methods of teaching that will bring some results. The true teacher studies during all his life to get to know something new looks for innovative and interesting methods and visits different courses and seminars. The contemporary life changes very fast and kids start having new interests and the new ideal. If pupils or students trust you and respect, then you are a good teacher, for sure.

Not everyone was born to be a teacher, that’s why it’s very difficult not to appreciate the talented teacher. The good teacher you can see from the first sight!


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