Thinking of starting your own business? Here are 4 start-up costs you shouldn’t ignore!

We all dream of starting a huge and successful business from the couch. Being our own boss, enjoying every success and that sense of accomplishment that you don’t always get in a regular 9-5. 

And while a fledgling business doesn’t have to worry about things like business rates, employees, company retreats, health and safety or even obscure products such as these – there are still plenty of things that you need to budget for and take seriously. Especially if you want your business to thrive, grow and be profitable! 

Read on for 4 start-up costs you shouldn’t ignore. 

Your website

We browse the internet constantly. And trawl through various websites every day without giving it a second thought. Which is probably why many entrepreneurs think that building their own website from scratch is not only saving them money but also really easy. Well, let me tell you that many start-ups who start down that path, wish they hadn’t. Building a website that is attractive, conveys your company message, is user friendly, found on Google and is kept up to date constantly is no easy task. Before you head out and purchase a domain name, speak to the experts. Remember, you get what you pay for! 


Getting your name out there is probably the most important aspect of your business model that you have to finance. Having an all singing, all dancing website with a cute logo and a strong mission statement is great, but if no one can see it, find it or even cares about it then you’re already loosing business. Consider all aspects of marketing, from your social media pages and creating engaging content on a regular basis, to social media ads, SEO and targeted ads. Not forgetting the more “traditional” forms of marketing, like stationary, apparel, flyers, posters and business cards. 

The little things

It’s often the little things that make the bigger wheels turn and the same applies to a new business. You’ll need to budget for everything including the staples in your trusty stapler, right through to your brand new laptop and your filing cabinets. Make a note of everything you’re spending so you can keep on track. You also need to consider Mesa appliance repairs if you’re in AZ.

Your time

You know that they say, time is money, and nothing is more valuable to a new business than yours. You need to be thinking actively about how much time and attention you should (or should not be) spending on various tasks. Consider if this task could be delegated to someone else, whether it could be automated (like an automatic email reply) or even freelanced elsewhere. You also need to consider the effect that this new venture could have on your friends, family and most importantly: you. If you’re too busy balancing your books or trying to work through your inbox when you should be at your child’s play then you need to revaluate your time and your potentially misplaced dedication. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re spreading yourself too thin! 

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