Top Samsung and iPhone Deals This Christmas

The Most Coveted Mobile Phone?

Among Androids, the prize for the most coveted mobile goes to the Samsung. And as for mobile phones in general, it’s the iPhone. Another expensive mobile, but it’s a fabulous product. Hard wearing and long lasting. Because we’re in the position of having to watch the pennies nowadays, we know these phones are beyond our reach. So what if I told you that there are some nice iPhone and Samsung deals around? If you’d like an iPhone for Christmas, you can probably have your wish. Or a Samsung, if you can’t live without the Android? How do the words ‘no upfront cost’ sound?

Where Are The Deals?

You might like to head over to the Broadband Choices website and check out these deals. Now, you may find yourself having to wade through other deals to get to the ones you want. To make it easy for you, I’m going to outline the best deals here to help you get the required information fast.

Samsung – No Upfront Cost

There’s a Samsung Galaxy deal on the Sky network. This is significant. Galaxy is the premium Samsung phone. It’s a 30 month contract. You pay £52.00 per month. For that you get unlimited calls and texts and 5GB of data per month. You have the option to upgrade after 24 months.There’s no upfront cost. If that’s not a sweet deal, I don’t know what is. But if you find the monthly payments hard, you can go for a cheaper phone. Like a 32GB model with unlimited calls and texts and 1GB of free monthly data. The monthly payment will be reduced to £21.00 for 24 months. Sounds good? Study the deals and see for yourself. These are the two extremes. The monthly payments for the Samsung Galaxy deals seem to fall in between these two. Just remember that many of this type of deal often often offer refurbished handsets. If you don’t miind, it’s fine.

Nice Deals on the iPhone

For those who don’t mind leaving behind their Androids and enjoying a new smartphone experience (iOS system), the iPhone X is the ultimate status symbol. The flagship model is the iPhone X, which was eagerly awaited until its recent release. Being the main iPhone model, it seems impossible that there could be a sweet deal on this. But, let’s see. There are also some deals for the recently released iPhone 8 also, as well as earlier models.

Low Monthly Cost iPhone

Can you believe there’s an iPhone deal with a 30 month contract, no initial and a payment plan of £15.00 per month? There’s also 1GB of 4G data, although calls and texts are extra. This is the iPhone SE 32GB. So the ultimate phone can be yours for just £15.00. Okay, it’s an older model, but it’s an iPhone! This offer is on the SKY network

iPhone Value

Hey, wait! There’s an iPhone deal for £15.99, with 1GB of 4G data, 600 free minutes and unlimited texts. Now that’s good. The network is Plusnet, it’s the iPhone 6 and the contract is 24 months. And no initial payment. Very tempting. And on different deals around the market, just a few pounds more and you’ve got unlimited calls and texts.There’s an offer on E2, for the iPhone SE 32GB with 1GB 4G data and unlimited calls and texts for £17.99. Another fab deal.

Latest Models

If you can pay a higher monthly payment to get the latest model, there’s a deal. The O2 Network powers a 64GB iPhone 8 with 5GB of 4G data and unlimited calls and texts for £49.00 per month. The seller is The contract is 24 months. If you fancy an iPhone X, for £47.00 per month you can get a phone for no initial payment, but it’s a 30 month contract (with upgrade option after 24 months) with 1GB data and calls and texts are extra.

Make Your Choice

So do your homework and choose wisely. Because you can certainly have a great phone with some great perks at an affordable price, no matter what your budget is.

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