The Ultimate List of Frugal Living Blogs

I started this blog as a way to track my debt payoff journey and to hold myself accountable to new frugal standards. The only way to pay off my debt was to raise my income and lower my expenses. Frugality for the win!

I’ve spent a lot of time on frugal living blogs and they have made a huge difference to my money. So I’ve made a list here for all of you to soak up the frugal wisdom for yourself.

Here are some of the biggest, the best, and my personal favorite frugal living blogs.

Frugalwoods- One of my all time favorites, a early retired couple living on a remote homestead!

Mad Money Monster- a couple on the path to financial independence with children in tow

Cash Smarter – A journalist who wants to spread the good word of frugality

FemmeGuru– a Millennial on a mission to look good and save money doing it

10 Years to Half Million– For all the single readers who want to live well on one income

Beating Broke– After struggling with money for years, this is Shane’s journey to financial wellness and literacy

The Frugal Girl-A mom who homeschools her kids and saves her money, trying to live a green and God filled life.

Ditching Suburbia-A full time RV family chronicling their travels and money advice

Color Me Frugal– A blog to teach readers the in’s and out’s of personal finance

The Earnest Addiction-A Millennial on the path to FIRE and blogging about it

brokeGIRLrich– Mel is out here trying to make smart financial decisions on an artists income. over $80,000 in debt to loving that frugal life, Jane shares her journey

She Picks Up Pennies– Penny is sharing her journey through saving and parenting with us

Fruclassity– A love child from two bloggers, this is a great place to go to find support and inspiration

Miss Thrifty – Miss Thrifty is not your average frugal living blog. Based in the UK, this is one fun blog.

Fiscally Fit Chica– A part-time librarian and contract worker, this blog talks a lot about the emotions of money

Centsibly Rich– Follow Amanda’s journey from debt to frugal pro

We’re All Poor Here– I recently discovered this one! A blog about getting your money together and living well.

Smart Money, Simple Life– Diane thinks of frugality as an art and a science, and she shares her journey with us here

I Pick Up Pennies– Abigail struggles with chronic pain and fatgiue, but she’s out here doing the damn thing!

The Frugalennial– Kelby is a dad, a business owner, and a frugal Millennial getting it done in Texas.

Little Green Revelation– Living well on less on the road to financial independence

Frugaling– the act and art of maximizing your budget and minimizing costs. This blog goes hard y’all!

The Frugal Momster– Frugal living for the modern family

The Art of Being Cheap– Strategies for saving money and how ABC does it.

Prairie Eco-Thrifter– “I hate waste of any kind’ is the perfect description for this blog. Save money and go green!

The Frugal Humanist– A woman and her husband on the path to FIRE, currently living in an RV and saving their money.

Surviving And Thriving– Mom to Abigal of ‘I Pick up Pennies’, this blogger has spent her whole career writing about money, and she’s got a lot to share.

Pretend to Be Poor– Neil and Kate recognize the American dream got turned upside down. They live well on less.

Whether or not you are as dedicated as some of these blogs, frugal living blogs are definitely worth spending some time on.

Firstly, seeing how other people manage their money is almost always helpful. I believe strongly in talking about money, and blogging totally counts!

Secondly, there’s always something to learn. Frugality is an ever evolving thing. When you compare notes with other people you can find ways to maximize the results of your frugality and keep even more of your money.

Frugal living blogs are also a good way to open your eyes to different people’s circumstances. Some frugal bloggers make a lot of money and are pursuing financial independence. Some make less money and are frugal by necessity. Some are frugal for a period of time, like while paying off debt. There are so many ways to handle money, and it’s fun and rewarding to step outside your own bubble for a minute!

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  1. Hello! Thank you for the reference! I’m glad that you’re enjoying my blog and following my journey out of negative net worth and towards financial independence!

    I’m also loving looking at other blogs listed!

    xx Miss Piggy
    The Earnest Addiction

  2. Thanks for the shout out and the list of blogs. There are some I read on a regular basis and others I have yet to check out!
    I had not realised, you sold your blog. I have come across bravelygo, but had connected the dots, duh!!
    All the best to you in your new venture, go bravelygo!

  3. Thanks so much for the mention. I really appreciate making the list. 🙂
    Lisa AKA Mrs. Mad Money Monster

    1. thank YOU for being a frugal ninja!

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