What You Need to Know About Unibind Binding System

Printing documents is a staple for any up and running business. You need printed out forms, handouts, and memos on a daily basis.

In the United States alone, an average worker prints 34 pages each day, and that is just for office use. But what if you’re a company that continually needs to hand out documents to clients?

Naturally, you would want your documents to look sleek and professional, so your customers or clients will see how much effort you have put in the paper. One way to help make numerous pages look good is by binding them.

There are tons of ways to bind your documents, but one popular way is by using Unibind.

What is Unibind?

Developed by Peleman Industries in Belgium, Unibind is a brand of thermal binding machines and covers that are designed to make documents look beautiful. It’s an effective and efficient way of binding documents for any usage with the protection of your choice.

Using Unibind as a binding system is famous not just because it looks nice, but because it comes with other perks that make life easier. To give you a more detailed description, here are four things you need to know:

Easy To Operate

Hearing the word ‘easy’ is music to anyone’s ears, especially when it is for a corporation.

Unibind machines are quick and easy to operate. It only takes three simple steps. First, gather all the documents that you want to bind together and choose the cover you fancy. After this, place it on the heating pad of the machine, and a red light will appear as a sign of the binding process. 

When it’s done binding, the light will turn green, and you have to wait to let your documents cool.

After this process, your document should be done and ready to use or disseminate.

Sturdy Spine

Ever had a book or magazine that you liked, and after a while, the spine gave up on the pages? So now, every time you flip through the pages, each one keeps falling off.

With a Unibind, the spines they use are made of steel, ensuring that it’s durable and can stand any use. Unlike others, they don’t use wires or plastics to support the spine.

If a hardcover is not what you like or you need to photocopy documents frequently, Unibind also has other types of spines like ones made with plastic.

There Are Tons of Choices

Aside from choosing the type of spine for your documents, you can also select the type of cover you want to use. Depending on the spine, you can get the thickest one that can hold up to more than 300 pages.

Unibind also offers hardcovers, softcovers, and flexible covers to use on documents, and it comes in different sizes so you can choose what’s suitable for your file.

It’s Cost-Efficient

In the long-run, having your binder is more cost-efficient than having it bound elsewhere and paying for each document.

Depending on what binder you get, Unibind machines are normally more affordable than others.

All in all, Unibind will be a useful tool in the office, especially for those who have a lot of documents they need to prepare. Still, buying or just availing binding services is entirely up to you and what would be best for your company.

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