13 Million Barrels Daily: Biden Administration Sets New Oil Production Record Despite Green Energy Promises

In 2023, the United States led the world in oil production for the sixth consecutive year despite promises from the Biden administration for a transition towards greener energy sources. Six Years Running The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) has recently confirmed that the United States was the world’s leading oil producer for the sixth consecutive […]

Bitcoin Reaches an All-Time High and Market Regulators Are Taking Notice

Bitcoin just hit a new peak, soaring past the $70,000 mark to reach past $72,269. This milestone comes amidst a flurry of market expansion and aligns with some interesting shifts in regulatory attitudes in the UK and the US. However, even with this growing institutional approval, the caution due to cryptocurrency unpredictability hasn’t faded from […]

Senate Avoids Government Shutdown With a $460 Billion Spending Package

The Senate passed a $460 billion spending package ahead of a deadline to prevent a partial government shutdown. Despite the challenges and bipartisan criticism, the package aims to fund essential departments through fiscal year 2024, but with another budget deadline approaching, negotiations are far from over. Passing the Package In a last-second move to avoid […]

Biden Takes On “Junk Fees” to Help Americans Save Billions

The Biden administration has launched a new mission to tackle “junk fees,” proposing significant regulatory changes, including a rule by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to cap credit card late fees at $8 that could save consumers $14.5 billion annually. This effort extends beyond credit cards, targeting various sectors with unfair fees, thereby reflecting a […]

Biden Blocks JetBlue-Spirit Merger to Prevent Airline Monopolization

JetBlue Airways and Spirit Airlines have called off their $3.8 billion merger after a federal court ruling raised significant antitrust concerns in January, marking a victory for the Biden administration’s stance against mergers that could harm competition. The decision comes as both airlines recognized the insurmountable legal challenges they faced, with JetBlue agreeing to pay […]

China’s Financial Exodus: Global Markets on Edge as Chinese Investors Expand Reach

Chinese investors and businesses are increasingly seeking profits abroad, driven by domestic market challenges. This outward investment trend is led by mechanisms like the Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor (QDII) program amidst regulatory challenges and a complex economic backdrop, reflecting a strategic pivot towards global diversification. Finding Profts Aborad Chinese investors and businesses are increasingly looking […]