Employers Unhappy with Recent 401(k) Regulation Updates

The latest Biden administration rule on 401(k) plans is reshaping how employers manage retirement plans. It’s a complex scenario requiring a fresh understanding of fiduciary duties and provider relationships. This rule aims to protect employees but also imposes new responsibilities on employers.  Revised Fiduciary Standards The U.S. Labor Department’s new rules expand fiduciary investment advice […]

Avoiding Crypto Pitfalls: Tips to Increase Profits Safely

Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the financial landscape, offering new possibilities but also introducing unique risks. In this article, we will take a look into the various known cryptocurrency risks to help better understand different implications and ultimately help navigate this evolving digital terrain. Facts About Paying With Cryptocurrency Paying with cryptocurrency differs significantly from traditional methods. […]

Medical Debt Crisis Spurs Calls for Healthcare Overhaul

The increasing financial burden of healthcare is putting many Americans in a tight spot. A recent survey reveals the challenges individuals face in paying their medical bills, suggesting a deep-seated problem that extends beyond mere affordability. A Comprehensive Study A 2024 Healthcare Financial Experience Study conducted by Cedar delves into the reasons why Americans find […]

Crypto Fraud Surge Raises Concerns Among Americans

SafeMoon, a name once synonymous with skyrocketing crypto gains, is now the center of a major scandal. U.S. authorities have charged the top executives with fraud. SafeMoon’s Downfall SafeMoon executives have been indicted for fraud. The company’s once high-flying token has plunged, causing concerns among crypto investors. Who’s Been Charged? Founder Kyle Nagy, CEO Braden […]