Digital Discounting: How To Become A High-End Video Gamer Without High-End Costs

Video games – a pastime that we all love and spend (probably far too much) time on – come with one significant drawback to our wallets. Video games are notoriously expensive, and if you’re only just starting up your game collection, you could be looking at hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get anything like you’ll see the pros using. Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford to shell out that kind of money, so where does that leave you?

Well, with options, luckily! Let’s check out how you can bump up your video game possibilities and increase your playing choices without emptying your bank account every time payday rolls around. Here are our top tips for gaming cheaply.

Go Second-Hand

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This is the biggest of our tips: second-hand stock is your friend when it comes to saving money on video games. And no, we’re not talking about the stuff in the supposed “discount” bins at your nearest store; we’re talking about pre-loved items that other gamers are done with and are selling to get some of their money back. You can pick up tons of great deals if you look carefully and pay attention. Try second-hand sites like eBay and Craigslist or check out Facebook Marketplace. Alternatively, join local selling groups and see if any gems come up.

We’re talking potentially huge savings here, for both games and gear. Second-hand consoles can be picked up with huge savings, as can gaming chairs and controllers. Watch out though; it’s important to check seller ratings and read thoroughly about what you’re buying. You know what they say about if something looks too good to be true!

Always thoroughly assess something you’ve bought second-hand when you receive it, checking things like battery life and overall condition. It’s also a good idea to buy through a payment provider that protects your money, such as PayPal, so you can get a refund if something is not right!

Choose Games With Potential Rewards

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This is not a tip for everyone – but definitely worth considering. What about choosing a game that sometimes pays you to play it? You might think nobody’s going to pay you to sit and play video games (unless you’re a pro). However, many places will do just that! There are tons of games that have either rewards built in, or the potential of rewards if you’re a good player.

So, what are they? Well, you’ve got the obvious one: casino games. Know you’re a dab hand at poker or other skill-based games? The casino could be your friend. You can play video poker online with ease, and if you’re a reasonably good player, you could see some big wins – potentially increasing your gaming budget, rather than decreasing it.

Poker takes a bit of learning, though, so don’t jump right in! If you don’t have much experience with this game, you can always try out a demo version, where there’s no money on the table but you can practice. Sure, you don’t take home a win if you’re the best player… but you’re not losing anything either, so that sounds pretty good to us.

It’s not just the casinos that reward players, though! You can also play crypto-based games that will pay you out in crypto for certain achievements, and this could be a way to give your gaming budget a little boost too. Make sure you check out the Terms and Conditions before you start, though, so you know what the deal is and whether you’re likely to be pocketing cash.

Sell On Old Gear

If you’re looking to bump up your gaming budget, why not see if any of the stuff you’ve already got could be shed in exchange for a bit of extra cash? The options are significant here – old consoles, old games, any gear you’re not using these can all be resold to generate some funds that you can put back into gaming. Your bank balance doesn’t have to change a lot, and you’ll free up a bit of real estate in your games room (or gaming setup) too.

It doesn’t take long to stick a few games or a bit of equipment on a selling site – but it is important to be honest in your descriptions and (where you can) check the stuff you’re selling works well. You’ll get better selling ratings and command more interest when you list items. Plus, who wants to swindle fellow gamers who are also looking to keep their gaming budget small? 

Wait For The Sales

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Yes, it’s really hard to wait when the newest release you’ve been waiting for over the last six months has suddenly dropped… but hang around for a bit and you’ll likely see a discount, especially if you’re looking on Steam or one of the other big platforms. Better yet, add the game to a wish list and many of these platforms will alert you when the price goes down… so you never miss a chance to grab it cheaper!

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