Spiritual Frugality: Would Finding Faith Save Me Money?

spiritual frugality

There are many different types of or approaches to frugal living. Environmentally-minded frugality, a simple living focus, and spiritual frugality are just a few examples. Spiritual frugality is one approach that I don’t know as much about, but I am curious to learn more. What is Spiritual Frugality? Spiritual frugality simply means that you choose […]

4 Big Financial Concerns People Have Despite Improving Economy

financial concerns

People everywhere say that the economy is improving. However, just because certain numbers indicate that things are getting financially better overall doesn’t mean that financial problems are resolving. In fact, there are some serious financial concerns. The 2018 National Financial Capability Study indicates that “for the majority of Americans, financial capability, stability, and confidence are […]

Millennial Money Compared to Gen Z

millennial money

Millennial money is always interesting. This population of people simply sees things differently than others. They’re almost always compared to Baby Boomers or Gen Xers when it comes to money. However, as Gen Z now enters adulthood, it’s interesting to compare the two younger generations. Which Generation is Which? I always find it helpful to […]