Find Formula Now

Find Formula Now

This isn’t necessarily frugal or free, but it is elusive and in high demand. If you are not already aware, there is a formula shortage. That alone is a frightening thought for mothers who either can not or choose not to breastfeed. Many mothers I know are saying there are strict purchasing limits on these items. Others are reporting stores surrounding them are completely sold out. This is distressing, so I’m helping you find formula now.

Lindsey Ann

Lindsey Ann runs a Facebook group called on Facebook. She also runs a Twitter account that features the same deals. You will do well to follow her if you are looking for formula. She has alerted to formula finds at least three times today. If you follow her on Twitter and subscribe to her notifications, you will get alerts quicker and be able to secure the items before they sell out.

HHS.Gov has several resources for mothers and infants regarding the apparent shortage. They have a list of allocated resources in your communities that can help. From there, you can reach out to Gerber for access to lactation consultants and information regarding similar formula brands you can switch to for the time being. You can get information on how to contact Abbot’s product request line. If you are in dire need of formula, you can get the form for your pediatrician to fill out regarding an urgent product request. You can also find additional resources for milk banks.


I have also heard several reports that Costcos has formula on their shelves in droves. I haven’t been there to investigate, but it is worth calling or heading in-store to find out. Please be aware that you need a membership to shop at the store. Bring a friend who already has a membership, or purchase one before you checkout. If it shows out of stock online, set up an alert or just and see for yourself.

With the Abbot recall, this shortage can only get worse. I feel for the mamas out there dealing with this mess. Hopefully, these resources will help mitigate the shortages you have faced. If anyone knows where else to find formula now, drop a comment below.

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