Guest Post Guidelines

Interested in guest posting on this here blog? Great! We’d love to have you.

We accept guest posts from individual writers and bloggers. We want you to write in your own voice about your own financial journey. Posts by or for companies, or ones that are general ‘how to’ posts fall under sponsored posts.

How to Contact Us?

Please send an email to, or call James at 202.468.6043 following the guidelines below.

-Send a pitch of the article you’d like to write. Tell us what you’re interested in talking about! Don’t just mention you have an article and tell us absolutely nothing about it.

-Send your blog, social media account, or portfolio. We would like to know who we are working with!

-Don’t tell us “You need this/You should want this” We probably know already.

-Be you! Our blog is very open and personal, and we want other bloggers who share their personal stories. Tell us about yourself, and be willing to share a blog that’s in the same vein as our posts.

Posts should be at least 600 words and speak to part of your financial journey.

What Will Your Guest Post Look like?

Finally, if you want to see what the final product looks like for your guest posting, check out our guest post series on Financial Independence and Early Retirement (FIRE).

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